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These Doodles Explain Why Every Millennial Is Having A Tough Time Growing Up

Clare Kayden Hines is an illustrator who’s managed to nail our struggles perfectly. These amazing illustrations describe the life of us millennials right to the T. Continue reading »

21 Absolute Benefits Of Having A Cat


We are crazy about our cats! And there are so many reasons why. Lingvistov (previously) has already published a guide on the benefits of having cats. Now you can get this awesome book for your cat friends, cat relatives, fellow cat ladies and cat appreciators and yourself of course! Continue reading »

10 Absolute Benefits Of Having A Cat

Do you have a cat? Do you dream of having one? Then you have an exceptional taste in choosing your companions! Life changes forever after you bring this little furry ball to your apartment. Continue reading »

Great Masters Having Great Times: Miniature Art Of Lorenzo Castellini


According to Lorenzo Castellini: “I am a Brazilian artist who lives in one of the craziest cities in the world! Living in Sao Paulo is like being trapped in one of Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings !First I got a book on him and cut out characters and images from his paintings, then I decided ”to take bosch for a walk” around town and place those characters in surreal scenes…which is quite easy to find around Sao Paulo. While doing that many more masters came to my mind… Van Gogh, Matisse, Basquiat and so on! Continue reading »

Dog Sets New World Record for Having Longest Ears

An eight-year-old coonhound from Boulder, Colorado, USA, gets the 2012 Guinness World Records title for “longest ears on a living dog.” The officials confirmed that the dog, Harbor, has ears measuring 12.25 inches in length on the left and 13.5 inches on the right. Continue reading »