Artist Mario Unger Spends 3000 Hours To Colorize Old Black & White Photos Of Famous People

Evelyn Nesbit CA 1900

Mario Unger is an Austrian photographer and digital artist whose main work is colorizing and restoring old photographs. The artist says the reason for doing all this work is to reduce the felt distance in time a little bit. Continue reading »

This Super Mario Cat Furniture Is Amazing


Lovers of cats and video games will love this Mario Cat Complex by Catastrophic Creations. The hollow complex with sisal-lined portals allows cats to jump through one end and ‘teleport’ out the other. The boxes are made out of birch wood, the question box is made with pet proof mesh and the entire complex can support up to 85 lbs of feline feistiness. Continue reading »

This Super Mario Themed Wedding Is The Ultimate In Geek Chic

This wedding will have gaming nerds and nerdettes all over the country swooning over their joysticks.
Continue reading »

Super Mario Inspired Cat Shelf

A cat should be happy! Continue reading »

Super Mario Ice Pops

What better way to escape the summer heat than with ice pops…make that super mario ice pops!

Chungkong has created a fun series that takes some of our favorite mario game charters and turns their likenesses into frozen treats. The catchphrase? Simple. “Frozen Bros. on a stick.” (Wonder if Mario tastes like strawberries.) Continue reading »

New Mini Painting by Mario Soria

New and awesome cardboard paintings by Mario Soria, designer from Barcelona, Spain. Continue reading »

New Artworks by Mario Sughi

Artworks, designed by Mario Sughi for his upcoming solo exhibition at Greenoom Art, in Manchester, UK, curated by Blank Media Collective. Continue reading »

Mario’s Real Life

By Fredrik Staurland.

What’s up, Mario? Continue reading »