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Buffalo Horn Cupping Makes Users Look Like a Super Mario Character


The benefits of cupping as a way to relieve stress, improve athletic performance and overall health have been debated at nauseam, but did you know cupping could help you cosplay as popular Nintendo villain Bowser, aka King Koopa?

Although modern cupping is usually associated with the use of glass cups, the practice can be traced back to the year 1500 B.C., when glass didn’t even exist. Back then, healers used hollowed-out animal horns to create suction, and even though bamboo and glass cups became mainstream in recent times, some street therapists still rely on buffalo horns to practice their trade. As you can see, the visual effect is quite striking.

h/t: odditycentral

People who turn to street therapists for cupping usually suffer from suffering from dizziness, flu and pain in their joints, but the medical effects have never been scientifically proven. Sure there are many who swear by it, including famous athletes and celebrities, but as far as medical evidence goes, the jury is still out. But no one can argue with the fact that cattle horn cupping makes you look like Bowser, from the Super Mario video games.

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