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Street Artist Makes Mario Mosaics Where He Cosplays As Different Characters

According to IN THE WOUP, a French street artist based in Lyon: “I’ve been a street artist for over 10 years. My work has always been inspired by the Geekdom and its infinite wealth. Raised by video games and the “club Dorothée” (French cartoon show), I subsequently quenched my thirst for fantasy through books, movies, manga, and board games… In short, everything that came to my hands!

I use many materials for my creations: pixel art, mosaics, drawings, stickers, paper art, and stencils. And every time I try to return a bit of pleasure that was given to me by so many talented authors and artists.

These are my latest pieces installed in Lyon (France), Villeurbanne (France), and Korčula (Croatia).”

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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