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Barbenheimer: The Superb Movie Poster Mashups by Rahal Nejraoui


Rahal Nejraoui is a graphic designer and digital artist based in Morocco. He makes great mashups of movie posters. He is particularly good at mashups for Barbie and Oppenheimer. Take look and enjoy. Continue reading »

Movie Magic Unleashed: Artist’s Whimsical Edits Bring Unlikely Characters Together


Have you ever pondered the thought of what it would be like if two iconic movie characters from completely different worlds found themselves in the same film? Continue reading »

Artist Places People From Classical Paintings Into Modern Reality And They Fit Just Right

Have you ever stopped to think about how things have changed? We didn’t even have to go very far back in time to notice certain aspects that are completely different now. Continue reading »

Artists Combine Classical Paintings And Halloween Pop Culture

Halloween is just around the corner and everyone’s excited to see some spooky and scary things. There is no exception for all the digital designers and artists out there. Many of them are already participating in Inktober 2021 and doing all kinds of other creepy, cool projects. Continue reading »

Hungarian Artist Creates Hilarious Scenes By Placing Characters In Movies Or TV Shows They Don’t Belong In

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Ace Ventura and The Joker were in one movie? What about Deadpool and Vincent Vega teaming up? No? Well, this Hungarian artist has, and he created these funny edits to show us what that would look like. Continue reading »

The Simpsons Meets Fine Art in Amazing Mash-Ups

Instagram account Fine Art Simpsons brings together the world of fine art with that of the The Simpsons. And the results are pretty fantastic. The artist describes them as “Lifeless images rendered in colourful goop.” Continue reading »

Artist Creates Epic Mashups Of The Most Famous Artworks In History And Contemporary Pop Culture

According to an artist: “Hello, I’m a visual designer Hayati from Cyprus. I’ve been interested in Photoshop and paintings for a long time now. I’m inspired by people I see in everyday life. The fun begins when I mix them together with good old classics. Scroll down to see some of my work.” Continue reading »

Artist Creates Beautiful Mashups Between Her Eyes And Animals

According to an artist Flora Borsi: “The photoshoot was done in 1 hour, I just made pictures of myself with the matching hairstyle and makeup, and then matched with the photos of each animal. The manipulation took me up to 20 hours for each. “Animeyed” previously appeared on many social media platforms, but now it’s an extended version with additional images.” Continue reading »

New Hilarious Mashups By Stephen McMennamy

Stephen McMennamy (previously) is a talented artist and art director from Atlanta, Georgia who creates humorous images by combining photos. Stephen takes two photos and splices them together. The early #combophoto project shots were taken with an iPhone, but McMennamy recently bought a new camera to improve the quality, and occasionally uses a drone. Continue reading »

This Artist Is Trying To Draw Character Mashups Inspired By Hayao Miyazaki And Disney Movies


According to an artist, Amanda Lee (aka Dada): “Hi my name is Dada, I love drawing all sorts of subjects with all sorts of mediums! Art can communicate without words. It is a platform where I filter my emotions; it gives me passion to create.” Continue reading »

Photographer Creates Mind-bending Mashups To Mess With Your Head


From a skier on top of an ice cream to a truckload of cereal – these mind-bending mashups are guaranteed to mess with your head. Continue reading »

An Artist Created Mashups Between The Movie Posters And Classical Painting

According to Eisen Bernardo: “After my Mag+Art this is the latest addition in my +Art digital collage series. I was inspired by one of my followers’ request to combine movie posters and classical paintings. I tweaked the idea and used old and new Criterion covers instead. I love art house cinema, and I think this will be a good tribute.”

The Battle of Algiers by Gillo Pontecorvo + Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

Eisen is a multimedia producer and writer working at the Communication and Public Affairs unit of the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity. His main task is to conceptualize, write, and design various information, education, and communication (IEC) materials. He also laid out publications and produced audiovisual materials for the University of the Philippines Los Baños and other local and international research organizations. He taught subjects in writing for print media, visual and graphics design, and layouting at the De La Salle University Canlubang. Continue reading »