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Artist Places People From Classical Paintings Into Modern Reality And They Fit Just Right

Have you ever stopped to think about how things have changed? We didn’t even have to go very far back in time to notice certain aspects that are completely different now.

For example, who would’ve known that a cell phone could do a thousand things? Who would’ve believed that we could fly with the help of planes, watch moving images on a square box that is now TV, and many other things? We can only wonder how people could live without all this technology and amenities we have now.

More: Alexey Kondakov, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

But what if we mix up two completely different time periods? That’s exactly what one Ukrainian artist did. His name is Alexey Kondakov and he decided to incorporate characters from classical paintings into our modern times. By putting together two unlike image fragments, Alexey managed to create new meanings. After this post, you might not be able to look at the paintings or your ordinary surroundings the same way as before.

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