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Photographer Creates Mind-bending Mashups To Mess With Your Head


From a skier on top of an ice cream to a truckload of cereal – these mind-bending mashups are guaranteed to mess with your head.


The surreal shots, which include carrot scissors and a pineapple hand grenade, are the brainchild of art-director, Stephen McMennamy, from Atlanta Georgia, USA.


While the bizarre scenes might look like the result of photoshop trickery, the eye-catching images are actually created by taking two separate photos and splicing them together to make one picture.


‘Sometimes I labor over an idea, spending weeks planning, practicing or experimenting and other times it happens in an instant.’


‘I can honestly say, I’m not patient when I have an idea in my head. it’s easy to become obsessed until I have something tangible to look at.’


‘I’ve also created a separate Instagram feed called @combophotofail to show some behind the scenes, fortunately there are more successes than failures but I thought people might enjoy seeing some of the behind the scenes of what goes into making a combophoto.’


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