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Pregnant Woman Poses With 20,000 Live Bees For Crazy Maternity Photoshoot

Kendrah Damis/Facebook

Emily Mueller is the beautiful mother-to-be who shocked the internet with her unique, yet frightening maternity photos hoot idea. Continue reading »

These New Maternity Beds Will Change Hospitals For Mothers Forever


After giving birth, it’s natural for a mother to want to be close to her newborn, but this task isn’t always as simple as it seems. Since hospital cribs tend to be positioned several feet away from a patient’s bed, pain and exhaustion often prevent a mom from getting up to retrieve her child. This can make breastfeeding difficult and it can also take its toll on nurses who have to constantly transport babies back and forth between their cribs and mothers’ beds. Continue reading »

Maternity Worldwide Action to Save Children

AUGUST 12: Pregnant Susanne Friis Hasche shows her stomach, painted by Danish artist Lotte Ipsen, in the Round Tower of Copenhagen. Twenty artists each painted a pregnant woman’s stomach; art photographers Marie Wengler, Marte Holten and Karoline Tira Liberkind will later exhibit and sell pictures of the painted stomachs at Gallery Copenhagen Art. to benefit Maternity Worldwide, an organization working to save the lives of women and children during pregnancy and childbirth in Ethiopia. (Jens Noergaard/AFP/Getty Images) Continue reading »