Before And After: Lithuanian Photographer Showed How Motherhood Changes Women

Motherhood changes a woman’s body markedly. But there are also deeper changes that affect the character and outlook. Are they reflected in the face, in the look? Continue reading »

15 Authentic Shots Of Motherhood In All Its Beauty


Photographer Susie Black was sick of seeing unrealistic photos of women breastfeeding, so she took a photo of herself with her baby. Black posted it on the internet without any editing, and asked other women if they wanted to be photographed in the same way. Lots of women jumped at the chance, and soon this project was born. Continue reading »

Capturing The Beauty Of The First Day Of Motherhood Through Photo


Whether you’ve experienced becoming a new mother, or even witnessed it happening, everybody knows that it’s a life-changing, moving, and intense experience (to different degrees, of course). In order to capture this phenomenon, photographer Jenny Lewis has spent the past 5 years documenting images of new mothers with their 1-day-old babies. Continue reading »

Mom Illustrates Her Everyday Motherhood Problems


Natalia Sabransky is a freelance illustrator from Argentina who became a mom two and a half years ago. Since then, she’s taken to drawing humorous comics based on those everyday adventures that are routine for new moms. Continue reading »