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With The Help Of AI, This Digital Artist Created Images Of Famous People Disguised As Art


Have you ever looked at clouds and seen shapes, like a dog perhaps? That’s pareidolia – your brain’s playful trick. With this in mind, digital artist Alexandre Perez has created intriguing images of famous people dressed in the guise of art. Continue reading »

Artist Turns Funny Examples Of Pareidolia Into Charismatic Characters


Keith Larsen (previously), an eccentric whizz with a pencil, has a peculiar knack for morphing your run-of-the-mill teapot into a fairy godmother or your garden-variety mop into a rock star, all thanks to a delightful brain trick known as pareidolia. Continue reading »

Artist Paints Creatures She Sees ‘Living’ In The Walls Due To Pareidolia

Do you remember how you used to look at the clouds in the sky as a child and your imagination projected animals and various scenes of life? This phenomenon is called Pareidolia, which scientifically means the tendency to perceive a specific, and in a lot of cases meaningful images in completely random or ambiguous visual patterns. Continue reading »