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Artist Paints Creatures She Sees ‘Living’ In The Walls Due To Pareidolia

Do you remember how you used to look at the clouds in the sky as a child and your imagination projected animals and various scenes of life? This phenomenon is called Pareidolia, which scientifically means the tendency to perceive a specific, and in a lot of cases meaningful images in completely random or ambiguous visual patterns.

Even though this phenomenon is more common among children, some people retain the ability to see this in their adulthood, perceiving a pattern that isn’t actually there. Their brains form images from details of real objects. For example, when these people see a cloud that makes them think of a cute kitty. Or if they look at the carpet, its shape might perhaps form a battlefield for them.

However, many artists who experience this phenomenon use it to make impressive art by creating whole works from these illusions. Russian artist Anna Chvindt used it to make amazing art by creating entire paintings from decrepit walls. She saw Pareidolia as a wonderful resource, making her see more in everyday objects. She created many paintings of owls, aliens, animated movie characters, mythological creatures and etc., from a scratch in the wall!

Scroll down the page to see her imaginary world and maybe you’ll find some objects which you yourself used to see as a child!

More: VK h/t: boredpanda

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