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Curious Deer Photobombs Baby’s Photoshoot and Turns It into a Magical Portrait


Photographer Megan Rion of Imagine That Photography was capturing 1-month-old Connor Rogers’ portrait when an intrigued woodland creature unexpectedly interfered. While Connor was serenely sleeping on a hay stack surrounded by gourds and autumn leaves, a curious deer name Maggie wandered over. When she was a fawn, young Maggie had been hand-fed and inevitably became comfortable with human beings. Continue reading »

Adorable Dog Hilariously Photobombs Engagement Photo Shoot

DnK Photography / Via

Louie the dachshund likes attention — and leaves. His owner, Megan Determan, told BuzzFeed Life that Louie sometimes has trouble sharing her with her fiancé, Chris Kluthe. Determan bought Louie when he was a puppy as a 25th birthday present for herself, and Kluthe came into the picture two years later. Continue reading »