Adorable Dog Hilariously Photobombs Engagement Photo Shoot

DnK Photography / Via

Louie the dachshund likes attention — and leaves. His owner, Megan Determan, told BuzzFeed Life that Louie sometimes has trouble sharing her with her fiancé, Chris Kluthe. Determan bought Louie when he was a puppy as a 25th birthday present for herself, and Kluthe came into the picture two years later.

The couple decided to include Louie in their engagement session in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Oct. 13.

DnK Photography / Via

“If I’m snuggled up with Chris, Louie has to be right in there too,” Determan said. “If I’m giving Chris a back rub, Louie wants to get one at the same time. When we were practicing our first dance the other day, he sat there and barked until I picked him up.”

DnK Photography / Via

During the photo shoot, Louie took full advantage of his time in the spotlight. While photographers Dan and Karin Berdal of DnK Photography were setting up a shot featuring some fall leaves, Louie started frolicking like his life depended on it.

“We could tell it was absolutely hysterical, even in the small version on our camera,” Karin told BuzzFeed Life.

DnK Photography / Via

They shared one of the photos on their Facebook page, and commenters couldn’t get enough of Louie’s antics.

Louie’s leaf frenzy didn’t come as a surprise to Determan and Kluthe

DnK Photography / Via

“I found out a couple falls ago that he loves leaves, so every year, we make a pile for him and watch and laugh,” Determan said. “I wasn’t surprised he was putting on a show for them, but I loved watching our photographers laugh.”

His hot-dogging (pun intended) wasn’t a shocker, either.

Determan told BuzzFeed Life that they had to include him in their engagement pictures because he won’t be attending the wedding. “Chris jokes that it’s my day, not Louie’s,” she said.

DnK Photography / Via

The Berdals are ordering a full-size canvas of Louie’s photobomb, which Determan says she’ll hang in her living room.

DnK Photography / Via

“We have a bare wall, and we’ve been waiting for perfect picture for it. We thought it was going to be something from our wedding, but now it’ll be a picture of Louie.”

DnK Photography / Via

Via BuzzFeed

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