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A Confrontational Campaign in Sweden Grabs Attention by Shaming People for Their Poor Password Choices


I’m not a fan of using ‘bad’ words just for the sake of using them. But using them to great effect when there’s a justified reason for doing so? A huge fan of that. Love this hilarious campaign out of Sweden on behalf of a cyber-security organisation. Continue reading »

Cyberpunk In St. Petersburg: Historic Statue Gets A Security Camera For A Head

A street artist who works under the pseudonym lonesome_grass has turned a sculpture framing the entrance to St. Petersburg’s historic Kirillov House, loacated in Russia, into a comment on public surveillance. Continue reading »

The Art Of Mass Surveillance: All 135 Vintage NSA Security Posters From The 1950s And 1960s

In the 1950s and 1960s the National Security Agency (NSA) cranked out beautiful and captivating posters to remind Americans that keeping secrets was important. Continue reading »

Daredevil Photographer Escapes Security Guards To Climb Up The World’s Most Famous Buildings

Adventure photographer Lucinda Grange surveys the Manhattan skyline – perched hundreds of feet up on the edge of the Chrysler Building. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA) Continue reading »