Daredevil Photographer Escapes Security Guards To Climb Up The World’s Most Famous Buildings

Adventure photographer Lucinda Grange surveys the Manhattan skyline – perched hundreds of feet up on the edge of the Chrysler Building. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

For the past six years the daredevil snapper has travelled the world scaling famous buildings and structures and taking pictures from the top. (Photo: Alex Shaw / Barcroft Media)

Ms Grange on top the Carpe Diem building at night in the central business district of Paris. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

Ms Grange and her friend Max sit on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza which they scaled under the cover of darkness despite armed security patrolling the area. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

Miss Grange exploring the ruins of the Bulgarian Communist Party headquarters in Mount Buzludzha, Bulgaria. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

Ms Grange risks life and limb taking picture from the top of Times Square in New York. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

Ms Grange poses atop the Forth Rail Bridge, after scaling the structure at night in Queensferry, Scotland. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

Ms Grange with friends sleeping in the Bunker d’Guerra, in Milan, Italy. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

Exploring every corner of the globe: Ms Grange stood on the Transporter Bridge in Newport, Wales. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

Ms Grange’s photos of tunnels below the street of London when her and her friend ventured below the capital in search of the underground River Fleet. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

Mark Explo, Bradley Garrett and Luca Urban, descend beneath London to find the underground River Fleet in London. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

Ms Grange discovered this disused subway station in New York City on her travels with her camera. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

Ms Grange rappels down the side of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

Her picture of Battersea Power Station Chimney. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

Ms Grange’S picture taken from the top of the Firth of Forth Rail Bridge in Queensferry, Scotland. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

Manhattan Bridge, which Ms Grange scaled alone at night in New York City is lit up in the darkness. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

A picture of Notre Dame cathedral at night with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. (Photo: Lucinda Grange / Barcroft USA)

Credits: The Daily Mail

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