This Guy Uses Cardboard As His Artistic Tools And People’s Cars As His Canvas


Photographer and artist Max Siedentopf has a number of hobbies, but his favorite, perhaps, is pimping cars. At night, Siedentopf walks the streets of Amsterdam adding custom cardboard headers, spoilers, and ground effects to strangers’ cars… Continue reading »


Old tools collection of Remedios Vincent.

“These pieces are created from old tools and mechanisms, which I have bought in antique shops, most of them being more than a century old. These very interesting instruments, in spite of having been manufactured using less advanced production techniques than the current ones, are of unquestionable quality, they are manufactured of the finest materials, by the best professionals and craftsmen, besides their aesthetic appearance which is primarily functional as their usability is more important than their form, which makes them a reliable and durable, that would allow their continued use in spite of their age.”
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