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Old tools collection of Remedios Vincent.

“These pieces are created from old tools and mechanisms, which I have bought in antique shops, most of them being more than a century old. These very interesting instruments, in spite of having been manufactured using less advanced production techniques than the current ones, are of unquestionable quality, they are manufactured of the finest materials, by the best professionals and craftsmen, besides their aesthetic appearance which is primarily functional as their usability is more important than their form, which makes them a reliable and durable, that would allow their continued use in spite of their age.”

“It would be a pity if such beautiful pieces that have been removed from our lives by others that are mass produced, of low cost and short-lived, should end up being hidden in the drawers of some nostalgic collector, or covered in dust in the showcases of some antique shop, so I have decided to bring them back into the light of day with a new use, now they are pieces of jewelry, that are worth using. I am interested in giving new life to pieces that have ceased to be useful in regards to the purpose for which they were created, but that still have much formal interest, especially when taken out of context. They are not meant to be pieces of jewelry to use, but small objects of art, with a somewhat macabre appearance.”

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