Obama’s Photographer Trails ‘House of Cards’ President Frank Underwood

Frank Underwood is getting the presidential treatment from a real White House photographer.

Pete Souza, who followed Presidents Obama and Reagan around snapping photos, is at it again in Washington, D.C., Monday, where Kevin Spacey, in character as House of Cards’ fictional president, is hitting landmarks in the nation’s capital for a publicity photo shoot for the Netflix series, with Michael Kelly, who plays aide Doug Stamper, in tow. Continue reading »

Mountain Bike Trails Built Underground


It’s the biggest place of it’s kind, well and pretty much the only one. Underneath the Zoo of Louisville hides something you would never expect, a trail paradise for mountain bikers.
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Colorful Star Trails


These are the spectacular snaps of swirling star trails which transform the night sky into a kaleidoscope of color. Keen photographer Evgeniy Zaytsev, 24, captured the stunning shots on trips to Crimea, Altai and Murom, Russia. The pictures of circular star trails are formed by merging multiple photos taken over the course of several hours. Movement of the Earth causes the stars appear in different places in each image. Here: vibrate, colorful star trails over an abandoned beach house. Continue reading »

Star Trails Pictured In The Night Sky

Star trails are pictured from a road in Singapore. These astonishing images of night sky are captured by Singapore based photographer Justin Ng. The pictures were taken between November 2013 to January 2014. It show’s star trail caused by the earth’s rotation and also can be achieved by zooming the DSLR lens inward or outward in small steps using a dedicated motorized zooming device. (Photo by Justin Ng/Barcroft Media)
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‘Stacked’ Space Station Photos Highlight Star Trails

A scientist aboard the International Space Station took extraordinary photos of the starscape from aboard the vessel, using a special technique that highlights their movement. Expedition 31 Flight Engineer Don Pettit used long exposures in conjunction with digital editing to achieve the star-trail effect. Given that some of the shots required nearly 15 minutes of exposure, Pettit needed the software to overcome the limitations of his camera. Continue reading »

Prison in Norway. From Flat-screen TVs to Jogging Trails, Here’s Where Norway’s Mass Murderer Could End Up.

Here’s how photographer Alex Masi introduces the project at his gallery on PhotoShelter:

Can luxury prisons and a more humane approach to detention be a deterrent for crime in modern society?
The answer lies in Halden, Norway.

About a 100 Km south of Oslo, a state of-the-art prison considered by many the World’s most ‘luxurious’ has opened in June 2010, in a country already boasting criminal and rehabilitation systems of the highest standards.

Individual cells come with an en-suite bathroom, a flat-screen TV and various comforts. They measure 12 square meters and are divided up into units (10 to 12) which share a living room and kitchen, similarly to a students’ dormitory. The windows are not fitted with bars, but thick glass is used instead.

The prison – the second-largest in Norway – costs 165m Euro and accommodates 248 male inmates. Some 760,000 Euro were spent just on artworks, some of which commissioned to Norway’s most renowned street artist, Dolk.

The inmates can attend a vast range of formative courses at a official high school located inside the prison. Subjects can include languages, IT, science, catering, music, (there is even a professional sound studio) art and handicraft and several sports.

Norway’s unrepentant mass killer, Anders Behring Breivik, is now under arrest. And he should count himself lucky for – if entirely undeserving of – a penal system in that country that is among the cushiest in the world. There’s no capital punishment, and the longest jail term allowed is 21 years (a caveat: if a prisoner is deemed to still be a threat, his sentence can be extended in five-year blocks indefinitely, though it’s highly unlikely, according to Norwegian officials). In Norway, rehabilitation is the guiding principle, not punishment – a somewhat difficult notion to swallow given the gravity and callousness of his crimes. Continue reading »

Light Trails Illuminate Buddha Statue in Bangkok During Festival

A long exposure photo shows the light trails of candles held by buddhists as they walk around a statue to give homage Buddha during Asaha Bucha Day at Buddhamonthon, a suburb of Bangkok on July 15. Asaha Bucha is one of the most important festivals in the Buddhist calendar and celebrates the occasion of the first sermon given by the Lord Buddha. (Pornchai Kittiwongsakul / AFP – Getty Images) Continue reading »