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The Superb Mercedes-Benz TWO8eSL Concept by Shane Baxley

Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 01

Mercedes-Benz, renowned for sophistication and innovation, is celebrated in Shane Baxley’s TWO8eSL concept, a modern tribute to the iconic 1960s 280SL. This design reimagines the classic roadster as an electric vehicle, blending timeless style with advanced technology to create a retrofuturistic gem. Continue reading »

Inksurge Updates

New site, more works!

Justin Maller Updates

Justin updates his portfolio with a portion of new stunning works. Behance.

blindSALIDA Updates!

You always will find lot of colors, bubbles and explosions but also new influences with surrealistics shapes, flying objects and absurd elements. Enjoy it!!

Kaloian Toshev updates

A lot of cool new stuff from this talented Bulgaria-based designer.