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The Superb Mercedes-Benz TWO8eSL Concept by Shane Baxley

Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 01

Mercedes-Benz, renowned for sophistication and innovation, is celebrated in Shane Baxley’s TWO8eSL concept, a modern tribute to the iconic 1960s 280SL. This design reimagines the classic roadster as an electric vehicle, blending timeless style with advanced technology to create a retrofuturistic gem.

At first glance, the TWO8eSL evokes nostalgia with its iconic design, maintaining the original’s elegant curves and proportions. Yet, upon closer inspection, it reveals significant updates that refresh the classic look for a new era.

More: Shane Baxley, Instagram, Artstation h/t: theinspirationgrid

Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 02
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 03
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 04
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 05
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 06
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 07
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 08
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 09
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 10
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 11
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 12
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 13
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 14
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 15
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 16
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl 17
Car Mercedes Benz 280sl Feature

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