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“Weaving” Paintings By Alexi Torres Show The Connection Between Man And Nature

Alexi Torres is a well-known artist from Cuba, most famous for his intricate oil art pieces that are painted to appear as if they were knitted and woven. Continue reading »

“Weaving The Incantation”: The Worlds Of Marc Simonetti

Get inspired by the art of Marc Simonetti, official illustrator for George RR Martin, Terry Pratchett, HP Lovecraft et Terry Goodkind and also concept artist for the movie and game industry. Continue reading »

Weaving Your Own Forest

“Weave own ‘nature’ and plant ‘forest’ in our soul.” – “Weaving Forest” is an art installation consisting of wooden reindeers and structures where visitors can use yarns to weave and making own line-patterns on it. A massive of yarns covering the installation will be the result of this interaction. The installation is not only an insight to human relationships, respect and love for nature, but also a reflection on social responsibility and eco consciousness. The installation was exhibited at “Detour” Festival, Hong Kong. Continue reading »