“Weaving” Paintings By Alexi Torres Show The Connection Between Man And Nature – Design You Trust

“Weaving” Paintings By Alexi Torres Show The Connection Between Man And Nature

Alexi Torres is a well-known artist from Cuba, most famous for his intricate oil art pieces that are painted to appear as if they were knitted and woven.

“My technique involves using a signature basket weaving style to create the paintings,” the artist wrote on his website. “Each one takes about 20 layers to intricately weave the image of the cake in oil with brushes of various sizes and textures. I use this woven effect to further underscore human interconnectedness and the interdependence between man and nature. This method is intended to symbolize not only how much stronger we are when we are connected, but also how vulnerable we become when separated from one another.”

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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