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Cozy School Bus Conversion


According to the bus owner: “It’s a 1997 school bus, not too long, not too short. There is a sofa, table, woodstove and full bed. There is ambient light and electricity on the bus as well as several candles. It has a wood floor and wood wall siding. It’s in a private area of my yard and in the warmer weather there is a hammock and tree swing to be enjoyed just outside the bus.”

More info: Airbnb


“Aside from the bus, my bathroom is shared and my kitchen can be used also if requested. It depends on what the guest seems to prefer. I have had dinner with guests and taken them on tours of the area, picked them up from the train, given rides, etc. Many guest prefer to just have some privacy in the country and I respect that totally. I also work a lot which can hinder my availabilityon certain days.”


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