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“Moon Level Luxury At Down To Earth Rates”: Al Stovall’s 1960s Space Age Lodge In Anaheim, California

The Space Age Lodge in Anaheim, California, housed its first cadets in 1965. One of five cosmic-themed motels created by industrialist Al Stovall, the Space Age Lodge was partnered with the Inn of Tomorrow, the Cosmic Inn, The Galaxy, another Space Age Lodge (all in Anaheim) and the Space Age in Gila Bend, Arizona. This was “MOON LEVEL LUXURY” at “DOWN TO EARTH RATES.”

Let’s travel back in time to when 60s kitsch was out of this world.

Al Stovall, a past president of Best Western, was the original owner and designer, and was inspired in the design by his affiliation with the newly formed Space program. He owned a copper mine and a plastic factory, which made his ability to create special designs and implement a variety of creative interior and exterior decorations a cinch. Many of the lamps, room dividers and exterior do-dads were made from materials from his mine and factory.

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The Lobby. Postcard reads: “Welcome to the Inn of Tomorrow – 110 W. Katella, Anaheim, California 92802. ‘Put Yourself in Our Space. Acclaimed by thousands as ‘the finest motel,’ ‘the wonder motel.’ ‘the motel of tomorrow’; and best of all it’s your best western motel at Disneyland and the magic kingdom.”

Inn of Tomorrow Pool and “Moon House”, Anaheim. “An exact replica of the first building to be sent to the moon, is the aluminum spherical geodesic “Moon House” at the pool.The thermostatically regulated ‘Blue Moon Pool’ is a dynamic likeness of the “Friendship Seven” capsule.”

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