These Eerie Photos By Aakaash Bali Bring Nostalgic Comfort To Some Or A Sense Of Unease To Others

Something about your eerie hometown street at night has haunted people for ages. The way darkness can be the visual representation for silence. Most fear the dark, but artist Aakaash Bali finds a very different comfort in the loss of light.

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Like most artists – the fascination with their craft started back in their younger years. He took his dad’s camera and never gave it back. When the new digital cameras were first making their appearances, one advertisement caught Aakaash’s eye – and It changed how he would take photos forever. One image the companies used as a nighttime photo of Manhattan. “I looked at that photo and just thought – ‘I didn’t know cameras could take photos like this at night,’” he remarked.

His current pleasure project is the “Shadow District.” This project throws you back in time by placing you in the dark, eerily lit settings that you may miss otherwise. Looking at these photos brings a nostalgic comfort to some or an unsettling sense of “I feel like I wasn’t supposed to be here.”

When asked why he chooses to photograph the night rather than a well-lit natural light scene, he responds, “Darkness gives the setting a sense of silence so that the subject can make all the noise.”

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