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Couple In Their 80s Celebrate Their 60th Wedding Anniversary With Photos In Original Outfits

What’s the secret formula for a long-lasting, happy marriage? One couple from Nebraska surely knows it as they just celebrated their 60th anniversary in their original wedding attire. Photographer Katie Autry captured this wonderful occasion while Marvin Stone, 88, and Lucille Stone, 81, held hands, danced, and posed together in an open Nebraska field.

More: Katie Autry, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

Lucille wore her gorgeous lace gown that she sewed herself by hand and Marvin wore his black tuxedo with a matching bow tie, which they both wore on their special day 60 years ago. They first married in 1960 at a small Lutheran Church in Sterling, Nebraska when Marvin was nearly 29 years old and Lucille was 22 years old. Now, after they’ve been with each other for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, and raised 3 wonderful children together, they celebrate their love.

“It was an absolute honor to be able to capture the love between such a special couple! While shooting their session, it was easy to tell just how much they care for one another. I had tears in my eyes behind my camera while shooting. They are such an amazing example of true love standing the test of time. Their session is one I’ll never forget!” says Katie Autry to Bored Panda about the magical photo shoot she had with them.

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