Photographer Jack Daly’s Satirical ’80s Ads Challenge The Concept Of Masculinity

Masculinity is a concept as outdated as can be, and yet in 2018 it’s as prevalent as ever. Photographer Jack Daly has been surrounded and pressured by stereotypes forever, and finally he’s calling it out.

In a personal project entitled The Real Man Catalogue, Daly has pointed the finger at society and questioned what the phrase Real Man does to minorities, to young boys, to all men. A tongue-in-cheek collection of work, he was inspired by early 80s print ads, which he’d “been gorging over…they seemed like the perfect way to highlight how outdated these masculine stereotypes are”, he explained, “how ridiculous I think they are”. Tackling masculine conventions one satire at a time, the series challenges what we think it means to be male in today’s world.

More: Jack Daly, Instagram h/t: hungertv

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