Artist Illustrates How Our Favorite Characters Have Changed In Adorable Illustrations

LA-based artist Jeff Victor illustrates the evolution of iconic pop culture characters with an ‘adorkable’ twist. Today, he is back with a spin-off illustration series called Mini Evolution that shows our favorite characters before and after they went through a change. Whether it’s a secret superhero identity, character development, or different versions of the same character—you’ll surely enjoy a geeky recap of pop culture’s finest in Victor’s own cute style.

“Evolution minis are an offshoot of my regular Evolution series, but this time I’m doing a simple before and after format. Sometimes it’s a superhero and their alter ego, and other times, like in the case of Godzilla vs King Kong, it’s showing the contrast between two different versions of the same characters. It’s just me having fun, expressing my love of films and comics while stretching my character design muscles,” Jeff told Bored Panda.

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