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This Artist Uses His Skills To Create Magical Worlds And Whimsical Illustrations

Artists use their skills to create all kinds of worlds, characters, and concepts most of us can’t even imagine. The perfect example of that is Carles Dalmau.

This artist has a very unique style that you can instantly recognize. It seems like it was inspired by anime, like Studio Ghibli; however, Carles’s illustrations also often have gore and creepiness in them. Carles manages to tell a detailed story in one or just a few images and there are lots of things, Easter eggs and hints hidden in the busy backgrounds.

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“I started taking illustration seriously with the idea of having my own cartoon show/movie in the future! So I think my main goal is that! The second one is surviving and being able to fill my fridge every week, hahaha,” an artist told Bored Panda.

“I think drawing is the only thing I’m good at. I tried other things (I studied cinema and design.) But everything led me to pursue a career as an illustrator. For me the most difficult thing is to have good compositions for my drawings, so the sketching part is the one that bothers me the most (and the most important too)!”

“I don’t know, I try to draw whatever comes to my mind at that moment. I try to have some cohesion with all my drawings but I don’t know if I always achieve that. As for the style, it’s a weird mixture of anime and cartoon!”

“I started taking drawing seriously 4 years ago. I’d like to keep drawing until I die, so I’ll try to keep going and improving for as long as I can! At this point I don’t know what inspires me, I feel as if I have a path in front of me that I have to follow.” If you want to create art yourself, here are some tips from the artist: “Draw stuff that makes you happy, don’t push yourself to do things you don’t like.”

“I have Asperger’s syndrome so my childhood was kinda scary and lonely. Drawing and coming up with weird ideas for myself helped me a lot to get through some difficult moments. I think drawing has always been my way to escape reality. In some ways, I think that’s the same for me nowadays, even if I’m more mature and I’ve had more experiences than before.”

“This might sound like a cliche, but if you want to get better with your drawings and to not get demotivated in the process, try not to compare yourself with other people. The only one who you need to compare with is yourself! Believe me, if you are pursuing an art career and you feel down, just look at the stuff you made some years ago and you will feel better! The only way to improve drawing is by drawing, so if you do that you will be okay! (But don’t forget to study and learn the basics!)”

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