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E X E G E S I S: Book Artworks by Marcus Sherman


“Fate or Fortune. Opportunity or Rock… or predictable occasion. Luck is a pattern with non-obvious causal mechanics, or a randomly chosen one of the probability lines?

Determinism or freewill. Are we the starting point for independent decisions? Or are we one of the equal participants in a series of expected successive events?

Is it the intertwining of straight lines of destinies, leading us towards a goal unknown to us so far, straight ahead, without turning?

Or are these vectors of our actions leading to the consequences of decisions made?”

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Marcus Sherman begins by carefully selecting the text for each artwork. Through his intricate and painstaking process, Sherman takes fragments of the printed word and transforms them into something extraordinary. Featured in his Exegesis series are excerpts from “The Confessions” of Saint Augustine, and Seneca the Younger – “Moral Letters to Lucilius”.


Each Exegesis artwork has its own subtle story and narrative, containing elements both immediately visible as well as hidden beneath the surface. Sherman’s artwork brings together elements from multiple artistic disciplines in order to produce something truly remarkable.


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