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A Wire Sculpture Dedicated to Ukrainian War-Affected Mothers Appeared in The Center of Prague


A sculpture dedicated to Ukrainian mothers was installed in the center of Prague. It is made of thin metal and suspended in the air at a height of several meters. The author of the sculpture, Czech artist Veronika Psotkova, told about it on her Facebook page.

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“Dedicated to all mothers in the war of Ukraine.

Vinok (Ukrainian wreath) is a traditional Ukrainian headgear. The habit of knitting decorative wreaths reaches back to Pagan times. They had a magical meaning as an attribute of spring holidays and bath holidays. Gradually, the vine became a symbol of worship, the symbol of Mother Earth. The Ukrainian vineyard has long become the cultural symbol of the Ukrainian nation. His popularity rose in present-day Ukraine after the events of 2014.

In Ukraine, vinky had a solar symbolism. The girl with a wink represented the rising sun. It is also a symbol of glory, victory, happiness, success, peace, chastity, youth and femininity.”


Born in 1981 in Opava, Czech Republic, Veronika graduated from FFA VUT Brno (MgA. in sculpture) and Palacký University Olomouc (Mgr. in Math and Art). She is a sculptress fully focused on figurative art, referring to classical sculpture and strongly influenced by pop culture. Veronika is inspired by gender themes, body aesthetics and basic human communication.

Majority of her artwork are compositions of wire figures created by shaping and “sewing” rabitz netting. Veronika finds the sculpting process itself to be the most important and fulfilling, but she is also motivated and excited by the ways in which sculptures influence the viewers’ contact and perception of public space.

Veronika exhibits regularly in her home country as well as abroad and realized number of sculptures (artificial stone, wire sculptures, acryl) intended for public space or private collections. She lives and works in Obora, Czech Republic.























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