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Eye-Catching Surreal and Folk-Inspired Mask Sculptures by Kristen Egan


Kristen Egan’s mixed media sculptures are a delightfully surreal sight to behold. With wood, clay, paper, acrylic paints and more, Egan creates captivating masks that are both unexpected and full of mystery. Continue reading »

Superb Amusing Retro-Inspired Collages by Toon Joosen


Dutch artist Toon Joosen has an undeniable talent for creating collages that are both humorous and thought-provoking. His artwork is focused on everyday life, taking objects and scenarios that people often overlook and elevating them to the forefront of his compositions. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Surreal Photo Manipulations Using Animals, Plants, People, And Objects


Ingo Lindmeier (previously featured) is a German artist whose artistic style is heavily influenced by surrealism. Lindmeier has created a wide range of works that are characterized by his fascination with the surreal and his love of manipulating language. Continue reading »

This Artist Will Show You How Photography and Photoshop Help Her Escape Reality

“The Chrysanthemum” – Faking Underwater Scenes

According to Hayley Roberts: “Creative photography gave me a way to slip out of this world and into the magical worlds I dream about. Continue reading »

The Superb Hand Drawn Illustrations by Jon Juarez


Jon Juarez is an artist, author, and illustrator from San Sebastián, Spain. He spent over a decade learning and refining his technique before beginning to work on commissioned projects. He is known for creating beautiful sketches and drawings with bright colors and a surrealist touch. Continue reading »

E X E G E S I S: Book Artworks by Marcus Sherman


“Fate or Fortune. Opportunity or Rock… or predictable occasion. Luck is a pattern with non-obvious causal mechanics, or a randomly chosen one of the probability lines? Continue reading »

The Superb Atmospheric Surreal 3D Artworks of Eugene Tikhonov


3D artist Eugene Tikhonov creates amazing outworlds, combining real life and surrealism with 3D. Continue reading »

Lifestyle, Surreal and Editorial Photography by Margeaux Walter


Margeaux Walter is an American artist based in New-York. Her work is made of experimentations around daily life on a social, or personal level. Each piece is a mix of different images, often playing with the border between reality and fantasy. Continue reading »

The Superb Surreal Self-Portraits by Karl Roberts


A collection of work spanning Karl Roberts’ entrance to the photography world, created between 2017-2022 these images are visual stories that provide an insight into Karl’s life. Each image has been created to tell a story, to allow him to speak without talking. Continue reading »

Fascinating Surreal and Conceptual Photos by Dasha Pears


Helsinki-based photo artist Dasha Pears (previously featured) creates thought-provoking images that explore themes of psychological realism. Continue reading »

The Superb Atmospheric Illustrations by Maria Menshikova


Maria Menshikova is an Art director based in LA, specializing in the film, advertising, and motion industry. She has a comprehensive experience across typography, illustration, and motion projects. Specialized examples range from large scale narrative driven 3D promo films to A24 film campaigns. Continue reading »

“Fractured Moments of Time”: Conveying the Passing of Time and Emotions Through Fragmented Compositions by Eric Pause


Eric Pause is a Canadian artist who uses geometrical shapes to create acrylic paintings that capture “fractured moments of time.” The artist’s goal is to “capture multiple moments and splice them into a single image” and give viewers a sense of the passage of time compared to viewing a single moment. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Paintings That Cause Conflicted Feelings Of Peace And Anxiety


Julia Kuzina is a self-taught surrealism artist from Saint-Petersburg. She explores the relationships between human beings and nature, themes of their vulnerability. Plants, people, and animals in the paintings are not only connected but also have common properties, can be transformed into each other. Some characters move from painting to painting, creating their own universe with their own rules. Each painting tells a story. Continue reading »

Mesmerizing and Haunting: The Surreal and Stunning Artwork of Jaco Putker


Jaco Putker is a contemporary artist and printmaker from The Hague, The Netherlands. He combines digital and traditional techniques to produce images which are both playful and sinister, nostalgic and magical. His preferred medium is photopolymer, or solar plate, etching. This technique is a non-toxic way of etching which allow for photorealistic depictions. Continue reading »

M1NDBR0K3N: The Superb 3D Modern Design Artworks of Alex Pevchev


Creative director and 3D artist Alexander is not your average creative – having discovered his love for creativity and design, he found little use for his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance. Continue reading »

The Amazing Combined Photos by Steve Mcmennamy


Steve Mcmennamy is a graphic designer. The premise of this Instagram account is pretty simple: combine two unrelated images together into a single interesting photo. The content found here can be pretty entertaining and creative, but can also be somewhat weird. Continue reading »

This Artist Creates Impressive Surreal Sculptures


South Africa-based artist Daniel Popper (previously featured here and here) creates impressive larger-than-life surreal sculptures depicting humanlike beings. Daniel is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked globally, created large scale figurative sculptures, that connects to both what makes us human, and our greater connection to the natural world around us. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Superb Surreal And Fantasy Storytelling Art


Russian illustrator and artist Andrew Ferez creates surreal and fantasy storytelling art. Andrew creates imaginative and stunning dream like works are full of symbolism and strange dark narratives. Figures blend with architecture, dragons smoke pipes and giant cathedral typewriters smolder in the distance, we can’t get enough of these fantasy creations. Continue reading »

Veronika Gilková’s Ethereal Photos Are Straight from a Dream


Veronika Gilková is a conceptual photographer who creates unusual photography, as if born in dreams or dreams. She graduated from UKF Nitra, Slovakia (2013), where she studied psychology. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Surrealistic and Absurd Paintings Inspired By Everyday Objects


Los Angeles-based artist Derek Paul Jack Boyle create surrealistic paintings inspired by everyday objects. Derek Paul Jack Boyle is a visual artist whose work frequently involves the anthropomorphism of everyday objects and absurdist interventions. Continue reading »

3D Artist Creates Atmospheric and Dreamy Digital Landscapes


Mae aka Eniosta is an Australian digital artist working in 3D to create surreal, dreamy environments. Her work is a means of escape, and is shared with the purpose of transporting the viewer alongside her to a place that will soothe their soul. Continue reading »

Photographer Mixes Photos and Textures to Create Impressionist Artworks


Dave Parsons is a mobile photographer and artist who creates his expressive photo art using bold colours, blur effects and carefully blended textures. Continue reading »

Cosmonauts of The Cubic Worlds: Illustrations by Huleeb


Huleeb is a Montreal-based artist and master of dreamlike subjects. A unique part of his work is illustrations with astronaut-like characters who have a cube instead of a head. It is unknown why the cubes fascinate Huleeb so much, but it is impossible not to note their hypnotic aspect. Continue reading »

Occult Creatures from The Wilds: Illustrations by Luna Ana


The artist working under the nickname Luna Ana doesn’t say anything about herself, except the terse phrase that she draws “weird shit”. In fact, I would add: “occult-monstrous woodland weird shit.” Continue reading »

This Artist Draws Dark and Mysterious Surreal Creatures


Valentina Asadova is a Russian artist who turned her two passions into one. Fond of psychology and painting, she was doing an assignment to create the layout of the book, Synchronicity by Carl Jung, when she fell in love with the scientist’s work. This inspired her to make the mysterious illustrations she’s been working on, and you have to check it out. Continue reading »