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The Amazing Combined Photos by Steve Mcmennamy


Steve Mcmennamy is a graphic designer. The premise of this Instagram account is pretty simple: combine two unrelated images together into a single interesting photo. The content found here can be pretty entertaining and creative, but can also be somewhat weird. Continue reading »

This Artist Creates Impressive Surreal Sculptures


South Africa-based artist Daniel Popper (previously featured here and here) creates impressive larger-than-life surreal sculptures depicting humanlike beings. Daniel is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked globally, created large scale figurative sculptures, that connects to both what makes us human, and our greater connection to the natural world around us. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Superb Surreal And Fantasy Storytelling Art


Russian illustrator and artist Andrew Ferez creates surreal and fantasy storytelling art. Andrew creates imaginative and stunning dream like works are full of symbolism and strange dark narratives. Figures blend with architecture, dragons smoke pipes and giant cathedral typewriters smolder in the distance, we can’t get enough of these fantasy creations. Continue reading »

Veronika Gilková’s Ethereal Photos Are Straight from a Dream


Veronika Gilková is a conceptual photographer who creates unusual photography, as if born in dreams or dreams. She graduated from UKF Nitra, Slovakia (2013), where she studied psychology. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Surrealistic and Absurd Paintings Inspired By Everyday Objects


Los Angeles-based artist Derek Paul Jack Boyle create surrealistic paintings inspired by everyday objects. Derek Paul Jack Boyle is a visual artist whose work frequently involves the anthropomorphism of everyday objects and absurdist interventions. Continue reading »

3D Artist Creates Atmospheric and Dreamy Digital Landscapes


Mae aka Eniosta is an Australian digital artist working in 3D to create surreal, dreamy environments. Her work is a means of escape, and is shared with the purpose of transporting the viewer alongside her to a place that will soothe their soul. Continue reading »

Photographer Mixes Photos and Textures to Create Impressionist Artworks


Dave Parsons is a mobile photographer and artist who creates his expressive photo art using bold colours, blur effects and carefully blended textures. Continue reading »

Cosmonauts of The Cubic Worlds: Illustrations by Huleeb


Huleeb is a Montreal-based artist and master of dreamlike subjects. A unique part of his work is illustrations with astronaut-like characters who have a cube instead of a head. It is unknown why the cubes fascinate Huleeb so much, but it is impossible not to note their hypnotic aspect. Continue reading »

Occult Creatures from The Wilds: Illustrations by Luna Ana


The artist working under the nickname Luna Ana doesn’t say anything about herself, except the terse phrase that she draws “weird shit”. In fact, I would add: “occult-monstrous woodland weird shit.” Continue reading »

This Artist Draws Dark and Mysterious Surreal Creatures


Valentina Asadova is a Russian artist who turned her two passions into one. Fond of psychology and painting, she was doing an assignment to create the layout of the book, Synchronicity by Carl Jung, when she fell in love with the scientist’s work. This inspired her to make the mysterious illustrations she’s been working on, and you have to check it out. Continue reading »

Pointillist Paintings by Quint Buchholz


Quint Buchholz was born in Stolberg near Aachen in 1957 and grew up in Stuttgart. He studied history of art for four terms, followed by painting and graphic design at the Munich Academy of Art under Prof. Gerd Winner. Continue reading »

Canadian Artist Creates Humorous And Satirical Oil Paintings


Canadian artist Toni Hamel creates humorous and satirical oil paintings. Rooted in story-telling, her art practice draws from personal experiences and outward observations to create thematic bodies of work that reflect on and interpret the psychological unease characteristic of our age. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Surrealistic Paintings Of Hidden Portals


Scottish artist Andrew McIntosh creates surrealistic paintings of hidden portals. Andrew is a self-taught artist and a landscape painter for 8 years before shifting direction to more surreal work. Andrew won the National Open Art Competition in 2014 and was nominated for the John Moores Prize the same year. Continue reading »

Illustrator Creates Mildly Amusing Doodles That Are Surreal At Times And Frequently Silly


Meet Nadia Tolstoy, an illustrator and cartoonist from Stockholm, Sweden that might change the way you look at some words. As she describes on her Instagram, she creates “mildly amusing doodles” that are “surreal at times and frequently silly”. Continue reading »

This Artist Creates Superb Surreal Photomanipulations


According to Modifeye: “I like to tell a story through imagery. If I can get you to stop and think about one of my images while you’re flipping through Instagram, then I have done my job! My goal is to thought-provoke, to communicate and inspire through imagery.

I do not use any stock photos and I shoot and retouch all of the photos needed myself. Thank you so much for viewing!” Continue reading »

Solarium: The 3D Surreal Scapes of Dennis Fandango


“My name is Dennis Zeevat. I am a 22-year-old 3D artist based in the Netherlands. I started out doing illustrations when I was about 14 years old. I did this for a couple of years but about 3 years ago I decided to jump into the 3D world. Continue reading »

“Look At Usual Things With Unusual Eyes”: Artist Creates Surreal Images By Combining Photos In Photoshop


According to Lila Frenopoulou: “Hi! I’m Lila and I’m a professional photographer and digital artist from Athens, Greece.

I combine my photos in Adobe Photoshop in order to make surreal scenes. I like to “look at usual things with unusual eyes”. Hope you like my art! For more images, check out my socials! You can find the links below.” Continue reading »

The Space Between: Stunning Acrylic Paintings of Micah Ofstedahl


As with so many of us, еhe American artis Micah Ofstedahl’s early recollection of how art fit into his life began with a strong gravitational pull and natural enthusiasm for the creative process. Continue reading »

Flow of Time: Fashion and Surreal Photography by Synchrodogs


Synchrodogs is an artistic duo from Ukraine – Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova, working together since 2008. Had more than 60 exhibitions in museums and galleries all over the World. Clients: Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Lady Gaga, Bimba Y Lola, Swarovski, Kenzo, Warp records. Loving nature and sharing kindness. Continue reading »

A World Where Dreams Come True: Stunning Photo Works of Mücahit


According to an artist: “Hello, I’m Mücahit. I am 21 years old and I live in Turkey. People love to make thei Continue reading »

Under the Lens: Atmospheric and Conceptual Photo Works by Elle Hanley


The work of American artist Elle Hanley is very different from what you sometimes see on the Internet. The pictures created by the author have a huge emotional range, where tears, laughter, kindness, mystery, light and darkness are closely intertwined. Continue reading »

A Covenant: The Gothic Ladies of Tom Bagshaw


Tom Bagshaw is a British illustrator who draws charming girls in a gothic setting. His ladies are so charming in their decadent essence that they win over even the most conservative stumps at first sight. And no wonder – sometimes you can’t command your heart. Continue reading »

Beneath the Veil: The Psychedelic Art Works of Richard Ingersoll


You can find a lot in Richard Ingersoll’s drawings – and it’s not just in their crazy, psychedelic subjects, but in how different the perception of the pictures is from how the mood of the viewer changes. In moments of sadness they add to despondency, in moments of joy they add to cheerfulness. If this is not a sign of the artist’s skill, we wash our hands of it. Continue reading »

Stoned Mutants in Grotesque and Surreal Paintings by Fabrizio Riccardi


Fabrizio Riccardi (Italian, b.1942,) one of the last few living “traditional” surrealist painters, was born in Rome, Italy, but grew up in Turin, where he completed his studies and began to develop his artistic skills. Continue reading »

The Dark Surrealism of Arturo Rivera


Arturo Rivera was born in Mexico City in 1945. He studied painting at Academia de San Carlos in Mexico City (1963-68); and silk-screen process and photo-silk screen process at The City Lit Art School of London (1973-74). Continue reading »