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Cool Art Toys by KnockArt Toys with a Twist: The Unique Creations of Knock Studio


Knock, a studio based in Seoul, crafts distinctive art toys and collectibles that draw inspiration from pop culture. Their vinyl figures, which are both playful and whimsical, provide a unique, and at times eerie, interpretation of well-known characters like Mickey Mouse and Pinocchio.

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Arttoy Knock 1673094315 3010455768763490108 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1674485467 3022125604171338381 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1676865805 3042093320520035438 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1678547347 3056199120105397426 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1679012333 3060099702223252909 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1680684455 3074126482838056452 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1681192700 3078389947622695576 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1688028122 3135729625417511528 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1688997666 3143862750653442527 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1688997701 3143863041226276209 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1690796721 3158954312926586806 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1690799538 3158977943928875780 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1690799584 3158978334645283163 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1690799939 3158981308676828350 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1691513448 3164966658423616258 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1693133545 3178557012555093689 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1693224715 3179321806989698819 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1693308887 3180027890310196128 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1693399714 3180789803893907295 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1693582726 3182325022430004180 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1693622744 3182660718323633510 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1693839815 3184481638269002933 49076231381
Arttoy Knock 1695289180 3196639790039337096 49076231381

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