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The Superb Stylish Expressive Illustrations by JiHun Lee


JiHun Lee is a digital artist from Korea who makes unique graphical works that have a quality that is both mysterious and strange.

His paintings are characterized by atmospherics that are reminiscent of dreams and figures that are interesting and appear to be a part of a strange narrative. These arresting scenes are like snapshots taken from a broader narrative, and they cause us to reflect on what has occurred in the past and what might occur in the immediate future.

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[image] 356312
[image] 359069
[image] 629469
[image] 643626
[image] 654694
[image] 765395
[image] 867408
[image] 992966
[image] 1202167
[image] 1274982
[image] 1526380
[image] 1571708
[image] 2552864
[image] 2555304
[image] 2616772
[image] 2812135
[image] 3740204
[image] 4100074
[image] 4414751
[image] 4585354
[image] 4731553
[image] 5105760
[image] 5108133
[image] 5392445
[image] 5658787
[image] 5835346
[image] 5858504
[image] 6797684
[image] 6834260
[image] 7279213
[image] 7328197
[image] 7434139
[image] 7918885
[image] 8186247
[image] 8952346
[image] 9009370
[image] 9037191
[image] 9122189
[image] 9293456

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