Navigating Genetic Compromises and a Toxic World through Steampunk Self-Portraiture in the Artistic Odyssey of Lix North – Design You Trust

Navigating Genetic Compromises and a Toxic World through Steampunk Self-Portraiture in the Artistic Odyssey of Lix North


In the realm of artistic expression, Lix North delves deep into her internal landscapes, mirroring them in the external world. Self-portraiture has become her chosen medium, allowing her to convey her concepts with utmost clarity and authenticity.

Each artwork, each embodiment of herself, serves as a vessel to explore her personal odyssey within a genetically compromised body, navigating through an increasingly contaminated reality.

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The compositions she creates are meticulously crafted, bearing witness to her attention to detail and artistry. She invests her energy in designing and constructing intricate props like the Monocular, Battle Headdress, and Respirator, while also carefully selecting palettes and conceptual elements. Lix delights in the interplay between meditative spaces and ornate intricacies, expertly merging the ordinary with the marvelously peculiar.


Within her representations of self, there exists a dichotomy—a delicate balance between the mighty warrior and the profoundly vulnerable. Her world is one where audacious female archetypes, DNA mutations, pop culture fascinations, and psychological musings collide, transcending the confines of time and ordinary existence in a perpetual quest for identity.


Lix traces the origins of her boundless imagination and unique perception of the world back to her childhood in the breathtaking seclusion of New Zealand’s hill country—a catalyst that ignited her creative fire. After graduating from NMIT’s School Of Visual Arts, she found solace in Brisbane, Australia, settling there in 2007. For the better part of the following decade, she thrived as a professional illustrator, photographer, and commissioned artist, operating under the moniker of Lix Creative, her graphic art studio. However, in 2016, Lix redirected her focus towards conceptual fine art and exhibitions, rekindling her passion for exploring new artistic horizons.


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