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Creative Cursing: A Mix ‘n’ Match Profanity Generator


Let’s talk about a gift that keeps on giving: Creative Cursing flip book. It’s divided down the middle to create two-part curse words as delightful as “Jerk Waffle” or “Fart Gobbler”. Half of them don’t even make any sense, but they still will make you chuckle in an utterly childish way.

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Face it, sometimes a standard curse word or a common insult just won’t do. Whether you’re annoyed with your neighbor, agitated with your boss, or tired of your lazy roommate, this totally uncensored and socially unacceptable collection of phrases will provide endless possibilities for creative and colorful vocabulary, and will help you to unleash the immaturity and skewed sense of humor within, so you’ll never be left searching for a clever comeback again.


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