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“Double Hexposure”: Stunning Double-Exposure Paintings by Wolf Blazar


Wolf Blazar is a self-taught contemporary digital artist known for his captivating portrait style, which he terms “Double Hexposure.”

His distinctive technique fuses traditional double exposure art with the geometric precision of hexagonal shapes. This honeycomb-like motif compartmentalizes and juxtaposes various visual narratives within a single piece, resulting in a stunning and multifaceted visual experience.

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[image] 175717
[image] 507925
[image] 1670762
[image] 1887652
[image] 2012161
[image] 2279600
[image] 2531807
[image] 2720292
[image] 2733432
[image] 2858127
[image] 3179676
[image] 3672552
[image] 3821655
[image] 4325070
[image] 4555389
[image] 4606449
[image] 4700514
[image] 4876023
[image] 6054039
[image] 6109920
[image] 6325501
[image] 6710503
[image] 7399433
[image] 7420891
[image] 7801243
[image] 8481509
[image] 9073980
[image] 9490254

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