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The Art of Nicole Duennebier, Including Her Works of Ruffs, Pearls, and Rotten First-Fruits


Nicole Duennebier’s vibrant works meld 17th- and 18th-century aristocratic portraits with vanitas still lifes and biological illustrations of deep-sea or microscopic life. Continue reading »

The Emotional and Poetic Portraits of Sena Adjovi


The ethereal portraits by Montreal artist Sena Adjovi evoke the cadence and resonance of poetry. Continue reading »

Organic Landscapes, Emblematic Narratives and The Surreal and Fantastic Visions of Johfra Bosschart


Johfra Bosschart, born Franciscus Johannes Gijsbertus van den Berg, was a Dutch pioneer of surrealism and fantastic realism. Continue reading »

Realistic Paintings by Tomona Matsukawa Take Fragments of Everyday Life and Reconstruct Them

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The realistic and somewhat theatrical oil paintings of Kyoto-based artist Tomona Matsukawa are inspired by interactions with other women of her generation, frequently strangers. The artist uses startling statements or unforgettable conversation events to inspire her subject matter and title. Continue reading »

Le Vampir Glorieux: Bizarre Vintage Paintings of Vamprires by Boleslaw Biegas

The Third Vampire Metamorphosis, 1916 – 1917

The surrealist Polish artist Boleslaw Biegas produced a wealth of works in both painting and sculpture. Continue reading »

“Only Human”: Impressive Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings by Beau White


Australian figurative and hyperrealist oil painter Beau White explores the darker aspect of human nature through absurdism and nightmare images. His art infuses “real world” environments with bizarre and unexpected handcrafted components to produce fresh, frightening, and humorous viewpoints on the commonplace. Continue reading »

Capturing the Unseen: Keita Morimoto’s Atmospheric Tokyo Tales


Keita Morimoto, a Japanese artist based in Tokyo, spent 14 years in Toronto, graduating from OCAD University in 2012. His emotive paintings blend classical techniques with everyday motifs, bringing characters to life. Continue reading »

Julius Mössel’s Evolution of Paintiings: From Pastoral Landscapes to Surreal Nightmares

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Germany’s Fürth was the birthplace of artist Julius Mössel in 1871. In his early twenties, he started his career and soon accumulated a fortune, turning into one of Germany’s leading interior designers. Continue reading »

The Artist Unexpectedly Finds a Modern Context in Which to Place Figures from Classical Paintings


Artist Alexey Kondakov of Kyiv, Ukraine, employs surrealist documentary photography to insert classical figures into contemporary settings. Continue reading »

Exploring the Ethereal Beauty of John Anster Fitzgerald’s Fairy Paintings

Fairies In A Bird’s Nest

John Anster Fitzgerald, known as “Fairy Fitzgerald,” was a prominent Victorian fairy artist, celebrated for blending natural and supernatural elements in his work. Continue reading »

The Superb ‘Dissected’ Oil on Canvas Paintings by Luis Pedro Picasso


Uruguayan painter Luis Pedro Picasso crafts unique art pieces that portray dissected figures, rendered in oil on canvas. His artistic approach blends surrealistic elements with a captivatingly eerie flair. Continue reading »

This Artist Brings Dying Art of Book Fore-Edge Painting into the Limelight


Maisie Matilda, a 24-year-old UK artist, has gained acclaim for reviving the rare art of book fore-edge painting. Continue reading »

The Superb Surrealist Paintings by Siegfried Zademack

Art Siegfried Zademack 01

Siegfried Zademack, a German surrealist painter, has mastered the art of visual storytelling. His works depict bizarre scenes and fantastical elements, transporting viewers to otherworldly realms. Continue reading »

Landscapes And Cityscapes And Occasional Coffee Cups Painted By Artist Remington Robinson


When you think of a painting, you probably envision something that can be hung on a wall. Not in this case, though. Continue reading »

The Peter Parker Collection of Lam Qua ‘Tumor’ Bizarre Paintings


Peter Parker, a medical missionary and diplomat, was born in 1804 in Framingham, Massachusetts. He graduated from Yale College in 1831, earned an M.D. from Yale, and became the first Protestant medical missionary to China. Continue reading »

The Neon World of Shawna X: A Digital Artist Who Dazzles Your Eyes


Shawna X creates colorful art that dazzles your eyes. She uses digital tools to make art that also explores space and motion, and she deals with topics like culture, creativity, and society. Her art is not boring or dull, but full of bright, neon colors that make you look. Continue reading »

Colorful Nonsense: Paintings Of Everyday Life, Common People, And Insignificant Stuff But Elevated


Lisa Vaccino is an art director at an advertising agency in Malmö, Sweden. On Instagram, she goes by @fredagvaccino, which means “Friday Vaccino”. That’s because Friday is the day she dedicates to her passion: painting. Continue reading »

Finally, The 2024 Fat Cat Art Calendar Is Here


A group of skilled Photoshop artists have been using their creativity and humor to enhance famous artworks by inserting a chubby orange cat into them. Continue reading »

This Artist Combines Sarcasm with His Adopted Cat’s Attitude in His Humorous Illustrations


I am thrilled to showcase the latest creations from the Malaysian artist behind the amusing illustration series known as Studio After Cigs. If you haven’t yet experienced the artistry of this individual, you’re in for a treat. Continue reading »

Meet German Artist Werner Härtl Who Paints with Diluted Cow Dung


German artist Werner Härtl has made a name for himself using diluted cow dung as his unique painting medium. He began experimenting with cow dung in 2012 while working on a farm, and today he even collects it directly from cows as they relieve themselves. Continue reading »

Artist Captures Deeper Meaning of Human and Natural Elements Through His Watercolor Paintings


Kris Kang, an artist whose passions lie in surrealism and watercolor painting, has always been drawn to the art of storytelling. Kris’s artistic journey has been marked by a love for utilizing stark black and white contrasts to allow the vibrant colors of nature to infuse his creations with heightened emotion. Continue reading »

The Mythic Realms of Bizarre Artworks by Adrian Cox


Adrian Cox’s vibrant oil paintings depict ‘Borderlands’, a mythical reality with hybrid inhabitants known as ‘Border Creatures’. These creatures, representing fluid identities, coexist with glowing antagonists named ‘Specters’. Continue reading »

Tanya Gomelskaya’s Bizarre 3D Paintings and Artworks


Tanya Gomelskaya’s art transcends traditional boundaries by seamlessly merging sculpture and painting. Her creations invite tactile exploration, infusing three-dimensional life into the canvas. Continue reading »

You Will Not Die: Mysterious London At Night in Paintings by Darren Hayman


Darren Hayman, the British artist and musician who fronted the band Hefner, felt a pang of longing as he walked his dog at night. Continue reading »

Artist Marissa Napoletano Blends Realism and Fantasy in Her Stunning Paintings of Goddesses


Marissa Napoletano, also known as Revery Art, is a Denver based illustrator and muralist who has a unique style of painting goddess-like females in a mixture of realism and fantasy. Her work is influenced by classical renaissance and contemporary art, and it shows her fascination with the subconscious mind and the connection between human and nature. Continue reading »