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Artist Captures Deeper Meaning of Human and Natural Elements Through His Watercolor Paintings


Kris Kang, an artist whose passions lie in surrealism and watercolor painting, has always been drawn to the art of storytelling. Kris’s artistic journey has been marked by a love for utilizing stark black and white contrasts to allow the vibrant colors of nature to infuse his creations with heightened emotion. Continue reading »

The Mythic Realms of Bizarre Artworks by Adrian Cox


Adrian Cox’s vibrant oil paintings depict ‘Borderlands’, a mythical reality with hybrid inhabitants known as ‘Border Creatures’. These creatures, representing fluid identities, coexist with glowing antagonists named ‘Specters’. Continue reading »

Tanya Gomelskaya’s Bizarre 3D Paintings and Artworks


Tanya Gomelskaya’s art transcends traditional boundaries by seamlessly merging sculpture and painting. Her creations invite tactile exploration, infusing three-dimensional life into the canvas. Continue reading »

You Will Not Die: Mysterious London At Night in Paintings by Darren Hayman


Darren Hayman, the British artist and musician who fronted the band Hefner, felt a pang of longing as he walked his dog at night. Continue reading »

Artist Marissa Napoletano Blends Realism and Fantasy in Her Stunning Paintings of Goddesses


Marissa Napoletano, also known as Revery Art, is a Denver based illustrator and muralist who has a unique style of painting goddess-like females in a mixture of realism and fantasy. Her work is influenced by classical renaissance and contemporary art, and it shows her fascination with the subconscious mind and the connection between human and nature. Continue reading »

Bad of America: Alex Schaefer Is Setting Banks on Fire with His Paintings


If you ever walk by a Chase Bank in Los Angeles, California, you might see something unusual: a man painting the bank in flames. His name is Alex Schaefer, and he is not a fan of the financial system. Continue reading »

This Artist Paints Very Cute and Sad Cats


Her name is Sophia Collins aka Soap California and she’s a model. But she also paints touching and sad kitties in oil. Continue reading »

The Luminous Symphony: Redd Walitzki’s Hauntingly Beautiful Exploration of Fashion and Nature


In the enchanting realm of Redd Walitzki, an artist hailing from the United States, a vibrant tapestry of inspiration weaves together. Continue reading »

Dreamscapes in Oils: The Surrealistic Portraits of Jennifer Allnutt


Jennifer Allnutt, a youthful artist hailing from Adelaide, Australia, specializes in the creation of mesmerizing oil paintings. Her work draws its inspiration from dreams, mythological tales, and her own personal experiences. Continue reading »

Magic in Illusion: Delving into the Dreamlike Art of Rob Gonsalves


Rob Gonsalves, a distinguished Canadian artist, has been enchanting global audiences for years with his distinctive and imaginative artworks. His paintings exhibit a myriad of optical illusions that toy with perception, crafting whimsical scenarios that are both surreal and mesmerizing. Continue reading »

Narrating Womanhood: The Art of Romina Bassu and Her Emphasis on Body and Vulnerability


Romina Bassu, an accomplished Italian artist, is based in Rome, where she was born and now carries out her work. She boasts of two academic achievements, one from the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome and another from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Seville. In addition to her home city, Bassu frequently travels to London, Berlin, and Spain, seeking artistic inspiration and research. Continue reading »

From Bosch to Tattoo: Agnieszka Nienartowicz’s Revolutionary Canvas Interpretations


Renowned Polish artist Agnieszka Nienartowicz wields her oil paints to produce stunningly lifelike portraits of women, distinguishing her work with a signature element – elaborate tattoos. These aren’t simply random designs; they are intricately detailed pieces inspired by the grandeur of classical art, reinterpreting masterpieces from the likes of Hieronymus Bosch and Guido Reni in a modern context. Continue reading »

From Pixels to Paintings: Artist Covered Children Faces With Emoji In The Old Paintings And The Result Is Funny


Dito Von Tease, a digital artist residing in Bologna, Italy, embraces anonymity by concealing his true identity behind his pseudonym. With an impressive educational background from renowned Italian schools specializing in fine arts, communication, and design, he embarked on a unique path, juggling dual careers as an art director in prominent advertising agencies while nurturing his passion as an independent digital artist. Continue reading »

Robotic Renaissance: Polish Artist Agnieszka Pilat’s Innovative Canvas


Agnieszka Pilat, a modern artist, honed her skills at the Academy of Art University and initially focused on portraiture in San Francisco. Despite her technical skill, her work was overlooked in the abstraction-preferred local art scene. However, an encounter with Paul Stein, an art collector and the developer behind Airbnb’s headquarters, opened a new path. Stein requested a painting of a vintage fire alarm bell, which was the start of Pilat’s artistic breakthrough. Continue reading »

Whimsical Animals Take Center Stage on Christina Sutton Painting’s Dinnerware


Montana-based artist Christina Sutton, known as Little Bird Painting, has taken ordinary dinnerware to the next level with her whimsical illustrations of animals. Sutton draws inspiration from the natural beauty of her surroundings, which she then incorporates into her charming artwork. Her designs are reminiscent of traditional printmaking techniques, featuring animals framed by a border of flora. Continue reading »

The Exquisite World of Stephanie Rew: Exploring Figurative Portrait Paintings with Textured Gold Details


Stephanie Rew is a talented painter based in Edinburgh, Scotland, who has gained attention for her exquisite figurative portrait paintings. Her work is distinguished by textured gold details, adding a touch of luxury and drama to her already impressive pieces. Continue reading »

Exploring the World of Studio Ghibli Through the Eyes of Louise Terrier

Howl’s Moving Castle

Louise Terrier’s stunning paintings pay homage to some of the most beloved heroes of Japanese anime movies. Taking inspiration from Studio Ghibli’s iconic films like “My Neighbor Totoro,” “Spirited Away,” and “Princess Mononoke,” Terrier infuses her own creative flair into these well-known characters, bringing them to life in her unique style. Continue reading »

Artist Robyn Rich Gives New Life to Discarded Antiques Through Photorealistic Eye Paintings


Robyn Rich is an artist who combines oil painting techniques with vintage objects to create unique pieces of art. Her works feature photorealistic eyes on discarded antique items such as old tins, plates, bowls, and spoons. Through her artistic talent, she captures the intricate details of the human eye on these once-forgotten objects, giving them new life and meaning. Continue reading »

An Artist Paints Stunning Melancholic Cityscapes of Her Hometown


Sasha Volodina, an artist from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, raises the aesthetics of the urban landscape to a new level. By happy coincidence, the editorial team was lucky enough to get to her studio as part of a tour and talk to her in person for a while. Continue reading »

Meet He Jiaying, A Celebrated Chinese Artist and Educator Specializing in Gongbi Painting


He Jiaying is a renowned Chinese artist, born in Tianjin in 1957. He is widely recognized for his skillful execution of Gongbi painting, a traditional Chinese painting technique known for its meticulous brushwork and emphasis on fine detail. He is currently a council member of the Chinese Artists Association and a member of the China Society for the Contemporary Gongbi and Heavy Coloring Paintings. He is also a respected lecturer at the Tianjin Academy of Arts. Continue reading »

The Stunning and Imaginative Paintings of Boris Indrikov


Boris Indrikov is an exceptionally talented fine artist renowned for his intricate and fantastical paintings that explore alternate realities and fantasy worlds. His artworks are a breathtaking display of imagination, featuring surreal and complex imagery that transports the viewer to a different realm of existence. Continue reading »

The Radiant Artistry of Thomas Saliot


Thomas Saliot, a seasoned French painter, has amassed a global reputation for his art, which adorns private collections worldwide. Saliot’s style primarily employs classical techniques, occasionally adding elements of abstract or Pop art to create luminous representations of life and the people who live it. Continue reading »

Clay Artist Creates Incredible Polymer Movie Posters and Paintings


Lizzie Campbell is a clay artist and illustrator who has a passion for creating “paintings” based on her favorite films. Her favorite genre to work with is horror, but her child-friendly style often leads to intriguing results. Lizzie has many ideas for future paintings and suspects that most of them will be inspired by horror films. Continue reading »

This Artist Captures Richly Detailed Images that Echo the Work of The Old Masters

Contemporary artist Mitch Griffiths is a master of oil painting, capturing richly detailed images that echo the work of the old masters.


Drawing on the traditions of representational painting, Griffiths uses his art to reflect the complexities of the modern world. With an approach that may seem loose at first glance, he deftly manipulates abstract forms and shapes until they emerge as intricate details that breathe life into his work. Continue reading »

The Superb Photorealistic Paintings by Christiane Vleugels


Meet Christiane Vleugels, a Belgian artist who has mastered the art of photorealism. With just a few strokes of her brush, she can capture the essence of a person’s face or figure, leaving viewers in awe of her exceptional talent. Continue reading »