18-Year-Old Painter Stuns The Art World With Her Vibrant Paintings, Sells Them For $10k

Young entrepreneur and classically trained painter Dimitra Milan, is challenging traditional ideas of how artists reach and engage with collectors and audiences. How does an eighteen year old know anything about the art establishment and marketing art? Dimitra has been painting and selling original canvases for the past five years through the standard system of galleries and artist reps. “I am still in galleries and plan to continue working with a few fantastic gallery owners, but I am taking the initiative to market directly and take ownership of my brand.” She has a vision for a better way to get her art out to viewers and do it on her own terms, and without compromising her artistic vision.

Dimitra was classically trained at the Milan Art Institute, a school for painters run by her parents, well-known artists John and Elli Milan. “My parents have encouraged me to try new ways of sharing my work. I am fortunate to benefit from their experience.” Dimitra believes that any painter willing to devote themself to full-time painting can make a living at it and put an end to the idea of the “starving artist.”

According to Dimitra, who regularly sells original oil paintings for upwards of $10,000 it’s all about connecting directly with collectors. “When a collector feels a personal connection with an artist, they relate to your work on a deeper level.” Social media, the internet, video conferencing and ease of travel have brought Dimitra together with her collectors who aren’t just fans of her work, but also friends.

Returning from a month in Greece, Dimitra, refreshed and energized, has painted a number of new originals, all of which show a depth of imagination and visual storytelling. “Now that I represent myself, and am free to make my own decisions, I am launching a new phase of my business. I have a new website and ecommerce platform to sell prints directly to my fans, with more products to follow.” With over 86k instagram followers and similar facebook audiences, it’s obvious there is a tremendous interest in Dimitra’s special blend of realism and dreamy romantic abstractions. While Dimitra is not the first talented artist who understands branding, she is among the first of a new generation who intuitively understand the new social media landscape.

“Since I have turned 18, and can legally own my own business, I have partnered directly with an amazing print manufacturer to sell prints worldwide at local cost. In the near future I want to begin live streaming from my studio, giving collectors a chance to see their piece being created. I am currently self publishing my first book containing my favorite collection of artwork, lifestyle, and the inspiration behind my paintings. Ultimately, I want to help other artists succeed in their dreams of making a career from selling art. I feel like I’m in the process of paving the way. I have a passion to help other artists also succeed.

Although business is flourishing, this next year I am making the decision to teach part time at the Milan Art Institute’s 1 year long Mastery Program. This program is designed for anyone looking to make a career as an artist. I am really excited to have this opportunity to train other artists, and to make an impact on their lives. So many people believe that artists can’t make it, but they CAN if they paint at least 40 hours a week, and show people their work.”

With concern for every part of her business and the integrity of her artistic vision, Dimitra is innovating art marketing. A young painter with a big talent, she’s poised to take the art world by storm.

More info: Dimitra Milan, Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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