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Eastern European Architecture Is Combined With Genetically Modified Produce By An Artist Who Works In The Surrealist Style


You are cordially invited to delve into the creative process of an artist Česlovas Česnakevičius.

In this series, Česlovas creates dreamlike surreal worlds that have natural components coupled with urban motifs that induce a sense of wonder and nostalgia. Česlovas’s work incorporates both natural and urban aspects. In light of the fact that the artist in question hails from Lithuania, a nation that has just recently been recognized as the greenest capital in Europe, this seems to be rather appropriate.

More: Česlovas Česnakevičius, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

[image] 1892073
[image] 2219475
[image] 2324001
[image] 4508766
[image] 4737426
[image] 4768580
[image] 5002056
[image] 6398859
[image] 6412971
[image] 7098514
[image] 7271457
[image] 8041933
[image] 8695353
[image] 8782146
[image] 8904677
[image] 9133591
[image] 9166491

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