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15 Awe-Inspiring Photographs To Make You Fall In Love With The World All Over Again


For many of us living amidst the bustle of the big city, we often forget how splendid nature really is. There are so many wonderful places on Earth that deserve to be seen at least once by everybody.

But in case you haven’t yet found the motivation to do so, we have put together a collection of amazing photos of the natural world that will encourage you to pack you bags straight away, and plunge into all that beauty. Continue reading »

The Kelpies: Mythological Horses Power Again through Scotland

An extraordinary work of art has just been completed in Scotland. The Kelpies by figurative sculptor Andy Scott surge upwards in steel, whinnying and snorting alongside the banks of the Forth and Clyde Canal near the town of Falkirk. These fantastic beasts from Gaelic mythology have risen again as monuments to the horse-powered industrial heritage of Scotland. Continue reading »

Robotic Exoskeletons Help The Paralyzed Walk Again

Engineer Thomas Dwyer exhibits the new Bionic Exoskeleton with Amanda Boxtel, who is paralyzed, during its launch at the Excel Centre in London. The bionic device developed by Ekso Bionics is a wearable, battery-powered, robotic exoskeleton, designed to aid wheelchair users and those who have suffered from spinal chord injuries to stand and walk. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) Continue reading »