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At the Moment that The Sun Is Shining, a Fountain in Italy Appears to Be Gushing out Lava


In 2009, L’Aquila, a city in central Italy, was devastated by an earthquake, resulting in extensive damage. Despite the destruction, the city embarked on a path of recovery and restoration.

Among the highlights of this rejuvenation is the Fontana Luminosa, or “luminous fountain,” which has become a symbol of the city’s resilience. Originally built by Nicola D’Antino in 1934, the fountain suffered damage in the earthquake but was fully restored by 2016.


Recently, a photo of the fountain captured during a unique moment has captured widespread attention online, particularly on Reddit. The image showcases the fountain illuminated in such a way that it appears almost fiery, earning its name “luminous fountain.” The Redditor who posted the photo was inspired to capture this moment thanks to his daughter, who noticed the fiery illusion as they passed by.


In the comments, he revealed that his daughter pointed out what looked like “fire” at the fountain, prompting him to take the photo with a simple camera. He expressed hopes to revisit and capture the fountain again next year. Skeptics online questioned the reality of the image, but it indeed reflects an actual feature of the fountain, dependent on specific atmospheric conditions. The perfect alignment of the setting sun and clear skies creates the stunning visual effect, which lasts only briefly, making the timing of the photo crucial.

Fontana Luminosa Luminous Founta

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