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Amazing Vintage Art Deco Illustration of Classic Beauties by Henry Clive


Henry Clive (1883–1960) was an Australian-born American graphic artist and illustrator renowned for his work with The American Weekly, where his cover illustrations often featured prominent screen celebrities.


Henry Clive 1

Born Henry O’Hara in Australia, Clive spent his early years on a sheep ranch near Melbourne. He later relocated to Hollywood, where he acted in silent films and worked as an art director for Charlie Chaplin’s productions, notably playing a villain in “City Lights.”

Henry Clive 2

Clive’s 1925 Art Deco illustration “Sultana” for the Louis F. Dow Calendar Company fetched $22,705 in one sale. In 2010, it was auctioned again by Heritage Auctions as part of the Estate of Charles Martignette. “Sultana” is also featured in the book “The Great American Pin-Up” by Charles G. Martignette and Louis K. Meisel.

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