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Artist Transforms Ordinary Bananas Into Whimsical Works Of Art

Gaphic designer Stephan Brusche (aka iSteef) continues his journey to transform bananas into art. These Fruitdoodles, as the Dutch artist has dubbed them, are one part sculpture, one part drawing, and one part pure imagination. Brusche is able to see unlimited possibilities with his edible canvas, though his work mainly focuses on animals, pop culture, and Biblical stories. Continue reading »

113 Potatoes, 117 Bananas, And Other Foods The Artist Ate Over 365 Days Turned Into Sculptures


Meet Itamar Gilboa, the Israeli born artist, who now lives in the inspirational city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he moved from his home country to study art. His studio is filled with his lifetime work. And what about his latest project? Mr. Gilboa decided to recreate the exact amount of food he ate during the past 365 days. Continue reading »

PETA – Go Bananas in the Bedroom: Go Vegan!

Animal rights activists from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) hand out bananas at an intersection in Bangkok, Thailand, 12 February 2015. According to the organization, the cholesterol in meat is responsible for hardening arteries, slowing blood flow to all organs. (Photo by Diego Azubel/EPA)
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Huge Billboard Made Of 5,000 Bananas Appears in Clapham

A giant billboard made from over 5,000 bananas has appeared on Clapham Common.

A giant billboard made from over 5,000 bananas

The billboard is part of a campaign by the Fairtrade Foundation calling on Government to put an end to supermarket price wars, which it says are driving down the price of bananas and trapping many of the farmers and workers who grow them in poverty. Continue reading »