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Spectacular Winning Photos Of The Independent Photographer’s Travel Photography Contest 2023

Winning Photographer By Stefano Lotumolo – $1000

Goli Dance” – Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast: Goli is a traditional African dance and masquerade of the Baoulé people of the Ivory Coast. Over 24 hours all Baoulé villages play music and the dancers wear four different types of masks, all of which refer to the social and generational structure of the society.


Immerse yourself in the captivating results of The Independent Photographer’s Travel Photography Awards, which took place in the vibrant months of July and August 2023. During this period, we sought images that encapsulated the soul of a location in all its grandeur, invoking treasured memories. Whether it was Street, Portrait, Landscape, or Documentary photography, our goal was to embark on a visual and intellectual voyage through your lens! Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Photos Of The Astronomy Photographer Of The Year 2023

Galaxy – Overall winner: Andromeda, Unexpected By Marcel Drechsler, Xavier Strottner, and Yann Sainty

The world’s largest space photography competition, the Astronomy Photographer Of The Year 2023, has announced its mesmerizing winning images. The winners were revealed during a virtual awards ceremony held on Thursday, 14th September. The competition was fierce, with 11 different categories showcasing everything from dazzling galaxies and radiant auroras to celestial skyscapes that seem to be from another world. Dive in below to explore more about these captivating entries. Continue reading »

Highly Commended Photos From Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2023

Snow bison by Max Waugh, USA. Highly commended, Animal Portraits

Some of the most amazing photos from the 59th Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition have been revealed by the Natural History Museum (NHM). Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Images Of Black And White Photo Awards 2023

Absolute Winner: My Copyright By Patrice Quillard

Honoring monochromatic artistry, the 2023 Black and White Photo Awards winners step into the limelight. Esteemed globally, this photography competition celebrates black and white’s magnetic charm, surpassing expectations this year. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Images Of The Australian Geographic Nature Photographer Of The Year 2023

During the 20th edition of the photographic competition held by the South Australian Museum, the top prize was claimed by Samuel Markham’s photograph titled “My Country Burns.” Captured as Markham defended his home against a raging bushfire, the judges depicted the image as an awe-inspiring yet unsettling portrayal, symbolizing the current state of our world.

Landscape runner-up: Moonlit Storm
A passing storm in the distance and a bright moon above me allowed me to take a single, minute-long exposure to balance the storm and the landscape perfectly. Broken Hill, New South Wales. Photograph: Adam Edwards Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Photos Of The 2023 Nature inFocus Photography Awards

Photographer of the Year – Portfolio: Disappearing Guardians By Srikanth Mannepuri – Winner

The 2023 Nature inFocus Photography Awards winners were revealed in a prestigious Bangalore ceremony. Chosen from 24,000 wildlife images by over 1,500 photographers, these captivating works of art enthralled judges and audience alike. Continue reading »

Amazing Finalists for The 2023 Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Image Contest

Featuring images from a heart-shaped stem cell cluster to the enchanting purple gold and ‘scientific confections’, these are the top 12 contenders in the 2023 Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology imaging competition. Every year, as National Science Week approaches, researchers from the University of Queensland’s AIBN host a contest to spotlight the most captivating images captured with advanced imaging tools and microscopes.

Scientists use magnetic resonance microscopy as a non-invasive MRI method to visualise internal organs. This spiky-looking specimen is actually a rat kidney. Photograph: Gary Cowin/AIBN Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Images of The International Portrait Photographer of the Year 2023

Photographers of all skill levels have taken part in the competition, with Forough Yavari taking out the overall winning spot with her work Salvation.

Salvation by overall winner Forough Yavari of Australia. Born in Iran during the Iranian revolution, her work focuses on the narrative behind the lives of women. Photograph: Forough Yavaori Continue reading »

Stunning Photos from Shortlist of The World Architecture Festival 2023

Projects from various categories such as religion, energy, transport and health have made it to the 2023 shortlist of the World Architecture Festival. The festival will take place in Singapore between 29 November and 1 December this year, where the shortlisted entries will compete for awards by presenting their projects to a panel of 140 judges.

Chengdu, China
Panda Tower by Shanghai United Design Group Co., Ltd. Photograph: AKA_SK8Simon Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Images of The Drone Photo Awards 2023

The Drone Photo awards has announced its winning and commended entries. The international competition dedicated to aerial photography is part of the Siena Awards Festival of visual arts.

Lilies, Lilies Everywhere by Savadmon Avalachamveettil
Malarikkal is a jewel that people in Kerala are only slowly awakening to. When the water lilies bloom between September and October, a carpet of pleasant pink envelops the entire region in a breathtaking formation Continue reading »

Spectacular Finalists Photos Of The 2023 Astronomy Photographer Of The Year

Discover the amazing universe that has inspired us for ages. See the dazzling finalists of the 2023 Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest.

Enjoy a stunning show of cosmic beauty, from solar flares and auroras to nebulas. These incredible images are part of the prestigious contest by the Royal Observatory Greenwich. With support from Liberty Specialty Markets and BBC Sky at Night Magazine, this contest draws the best astrophotographers from 64 countries and 4,000 entries.

A panel of experts has selected the best photos in nine categories and two special prizes. The winners will be announced in September, and their photos, along with other shortlisted ones, will be displayed at the National Maritime Museum. Let’s see who will win this year’s contest with their amazing photos.

Arctic Gates by Daniel Viñé Garcia
The Northern Lights over the mammoth sundial Arctic Henge, which is inspired by Norse mythology. The henge is located in Raufarhöfn, one of the northernmost towns in Iceland. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Images of The 2023 BigPicture Natural World Photography

Magical Mushroom; Art of Nature winner. “Is it waves crashing on to shore? A landscape of furrowed canyons? The topography of a distant planet? In fact, it’s the gills of a fungus from the genus Lactarius, better known as milk cap mushrooms for the milky, latex-like liquid they ooze when cut. J Fritz Rumpf was foraging for mushrooms in Arizona’s White Mountains when he picked up this one and noticed the colours of its gills. Many species of milk cap ‘bruise’ when chemicals in their fruiting bodies are exposed to air, turning them a murky blue-green”. (Photo by J. Fritz Rumpf/BigPicture) Continue reading »

Capturing the Human Spirit: The Independent Photographer’s Portrait Contest Winners

The Independent Photographer, a worldwide community of photography enthusiasts and professionals, has announced the winners of its Portrait Photography competition. The contest aimed to uncover contemporary portraits that are both visually impactful and emotionally evocative.

Esteemed British photographer, Jimmy Nelson, known for documenting endangered indigenous cultures around the globe, judged the contest. Nelson’s distinguished body of work includes his acclaimed book, “Before They Pass Away,” featuring striking portraits of 35 indigenous tribes.

We’re delighted to highlight the exceptional works of ten photographers who exceeded all expectations in this competition. Join us in celebrating these talented winners and exploring their stunning images!

Far Away Thunder” — From the ‘Manifest’ series. Jorg Karg — 1st place. Prize — $1000
“This work is an excerpt from my recently released series Manifest’. The intention behind my digital photographic collages is to make the beholder feel addressed immediately, without any further explanation. Therefore, I use present-day visual language and techniques to combine them with long-established, fundamental ideas of painting and drawing.” Continue reading »

Capturing the Human Essence: Celebrating Exceptional Portrait Photographers in AAP Magazine

Presenting the extraordinary photographers crowned as victors of ‘AAP Magazine #31: Portrait.’

Echoing the words of Henry Cartier-Bresson, the act of capturing a portrait is a formidable task. It demands the photographer to bridge the void between the subject’s outer facade and their inner essence. The realm of portrait photography spans a broad spectrum of styles and methods, from simple subject identification to intricate emotional exploration. It surpasses the boundaries of typical studio portraits and casual family photographs, maturing into a separate genre that lets photographers exercise their unlimited creative prowess.

A portrait holds the capability to provoke diverse reactions, ranging from illustrative and revealing to enhancing, questioning, or even disturbing. Despite the world teeming with countless faces, we are able to feature only a limited few in this fresh edition of AAP Magazine. In this issue, we take pride in presenting the viewpoints of 25 photographers originating from 11 distinct countries spread over four continents. Each of these gifted individuals communicates their unique personal stories and singular approaches to the craft of Portrait Photography.

The Winner: The Series “Perspective” By Nanda Hagenaars (Netherlands)
“Portrait where I shift my perspective and try new ways of looking and photographing. Squeezing one eye, finding composition and contrast.” Continue reading »

Tales from the Planet: Selective Imagery from Earth Photo 2023 Competition

Ranging from images of eco-friendly fishing to harmful battery waste, these selected photographs were handpicked for their potent narrative about our planet’s present circumstances.

Sandipani Chattopadhyay, Green Barrier
Fishermen in India’s Damodar River navigate the thick growth of algae caused by the reduction of fresh water, a result of global warming and irregular monsoon seasons. This situation poses a significant challenge for the locals living along the river, who struggle to survive amid the algal bloom, which prevents oxygen absorption and affects human health and habitats in the area. The shortlisted images will be on display at the Earth Photo exhibition, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London, from 17 June to 23 August 2023. Photograph: Sandipani Chattopadhyay Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Photos Of The 2023 Milky Way Photographer Of The Year

“The Scenery I Wanted To See” – Mitsuhiro Okabe

The mysteries of the universe, as immense and unfathomable as they may be, do not deter us from admiring its awe-inspiring grandeur and intricate aspects. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Images Of The Close-Up Photographer Of The Year Minimal Challenge

The 2022 Minimal Challenge by the Close-Up Photographer of the Year (CUPOTY) has unveiled its winners. Esteemed judges, including Sue Bishop, David Maitland, Ross Hoddinott, and Nigel Atherton of Amateur Photographer, selected the finest minimalist photos from a pool of entrants. The independent CUPOTY Challenge, which happens in November, features a new theme annually.

Tracy Calder, CUPOTY co-founder, explains that they sought ‘Minimal’ imagery — clean, uncluttered photos with few elements. The received entries, ranging from stink bugs to plant seeds, exceeded their expectations.

From 988 submissions, the standout image was “In Her Wedding Dress” by Hungarian photographer Ferenc Kocsis. He won £300 and will have his work displayed in the winner’s gallery for a global audience. The gallery also features nine other impressive photographs, all worthy of recognition and praise.

1st Place: “In Her Wedding Dress” By Ferenc Kocsis
“This female Danube mayfly, swollen with egg clusters, flies over the Danube River in Hungary and lays its eggs close to where it was born. The larvae that live in the riverbed hatch in April, and in the last stage of their development, in August, they fly for the last dance of their one-year life.” Continue reading »

Capturing Culinary Delights Across the Globe at the 2023 Pink Lady Food Photography Awards

The Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year is a global contest honoring the diversity and artistry in food photography across various applications. The competition’s 25 categories, ranging from magazine food styling to cultural and natural food portrayals, celebrate the cultural breadth of food’s representation in society. The Awards value technical skill, originality, and emotional connection to the subject, whether it’s a simple apple or a baker at work in the early morning. The grand prize winner will be awarded 5,000 GBP (around 6,570 USD).

Overall Winner: Candy Man
Seller Pappu Jaiswal. The photograph was taken in the streets of western Mumbai near the candy floss-selling grounds of the beaches and fairs. It is part of a wider series of images of the sellers, which capture the unique ways used to display the candy goods in the hope of attracting a buyer. “The winning image was part of a personal project – a huge amount of time and thought went into capturing it so it’s great to be recognised by such an esteemed panel of judges” Jon Enoch. Photograph: Jon Enoch/Pink Lady Awards 23 Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Images of The 2023 Insect Week Photography Awards

The Royal Entomological Society has announced the winning images from their Insect Week photography competition. This year’s competition for amateur photographers received over 700 entries from 34 countries across six continents, with 24 images earning commendations for their outstanding quality.

A spotted tiger beetle (Cicindela sexguttata). These metallic green beetles are native to North America and adults are efficient predators with large mandibles. Photograph: Benjamin Salb/Royal Entomological Society Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Images of The Sony World Photography Awards 2023

A ruined cement factory, a sunken car, the brave women of DRC and a posse of urban raccoons … all these and many more feature in this year’s list of overall professional category winners.

Our War: Edgar Martins, Portugal (Photographer of the Year and first place in Professional Competition, Portraiture)
Martins says: ‘In 2011, my friend the photojournalist Anton Hammerl travelled to Libya to cover the conflict between pro-regime and anti-Gaddafi forces. On 5 April he was abducted and killed by government militia. Frustrated by the lack of progress in the investigation to find his mortal remains, in 2022 I travelled to Libya. This previously unseen body of work is structured as a portrait of Anton through the people he photographed and met, and others involved in the conflict.’ Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Images of the FdB Wedding Photography Awards 2022

Grandma And Her Little Boy” Photo By Barbara Fabbri (Italy)

Did you know that every three months, photographers from all corners of the globe send in their most unique and incredible wedding photos to the FdB Awards? It’s an exciting event where over 1500 photos from 12 different countries are evaluated by a team of three international photographers. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Images Of The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

Overall Winner: “A Look to the Future” by Charlie Page

The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2023 announced its 25 winning photos, with Charlie Page taking the overall first place for his work called “A Look to the Future”. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Photos Of The 12th Annual Mobile Photography Awards

Grand Prize Winner: Glenn Homann

These are the 20 photos that won the 12th Annual Mobile Photography Awards (MPA). The Mobile Photography Awards were established in 2011 to acknowledge and honor the skills and visual artistry of mobile photography and art communities. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Images of The World Nature Photography Awards 2022

“Playgroup” – Japanese macaques on Awaji Island, Japan. The gold winner in the behaviour – mammals category. (Photo by Hidetoshi Ogata/World Nature Photography Awards 2022) Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Images Of The 2022 Travel Photographer Of The Year Awards

The results of the annual Travel Photographer of the Year competition have been announced, with one of the last remaining Northern White rhinos in the world being the subject of the top prize-winning snapshot. Out of the 20,000 entries received, Matjaz Krivic’s photographs captured the judges’ attention, as he conveyed the poignant story of these animals trying to survive and revive their species from the brink of extinction.

Krivic, a documentary photographer with more than 25 years of experience, has been traveling the world and capturing various stories of people and places. Currently, he is focused on highlighting environmental issues and advocating for a better future. This is not the first time Krivic has participated in the competition; according to Travel Photographer of the Year, he has submitted entries every year since the contest’s inception in 2003. The judges of the competition praised his work, stating that he portrayed Kenya’s sad story beautifully and sensitively, with images that are both tender and intimate.

Overall Winner: Travel Photographer Of The Year 2022: Matjaz Krivic, Slovenia
“Najin 33 one of the last two Northern White rhinos left in the world resting under a hot afternoon sun with her friend and caretaker Zachary Mutai in Ol Pejeta Conservancy. The northern white rhino is all but extinct. The two last males died several years ago. The two females are still with us, but too feeble to bear babies. In an Italian lab, their eggs are now artificially fertilized by sperm from the late males, and kept at minus 196 celsius, in hopes that surrogate rhinos from another sub species can carry the northern white back from the brink.” Continue reading »