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Spectacular Nature-Winning Photos From The GDT Photographer Of The Year 2024

“Flag tree” by Marte Engelbrecht
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 01

The Society of German Nature Photographers (Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen, GDT) has named its prestigious Photographer of the Year 2024 winner.

This year’s contest featured a stunning collection of photographs that captured the captivating beauty and diversity of nature and landscapes from all over the world. The competition had hundreds of entries, and the top images showcase nature photographers’ remarkable talent and perseverance.

In this gallery, we present winning pictures from the Nature and Landscape Photography categories. These winning photographs not only evoke awe and respect for nature, but also emphasize the significance of protecting these valuable landscapes and ecosystems for future generations.

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“Aerobatics in morning light” by Christian Brinkmann
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 02

“Spider web art” by Caroline Walter
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 03

“Eye of the desert” by Martin Köppert
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 04

“Ice structures” by Susanne Barkmann
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 05

“Crystallised” by Stephan Heinemann
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 06

“Crab art” by Jan Piecha
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 07

“Tree ballet” by Hermann Hirsch
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 08

“Between worlds” by Andreas Büttner
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 09

“Patterns” by Karsten Mosebach
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 10

“Birches in autumn” by Felix Wesch
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 11

“Marble” by Florian Smit
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 12

“Inferno” by Tobias Richter
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 13

“Foggy Morning in Bavaria” by Ulrike Eisenmann
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 14

“Godafoss” by Britta Strack
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 15

“Dead” by Karsten Mosebach
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 16

“Mirrored forest” by Till-Hendrik, Dr. Macher
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 17

“Fog bow” by Reinhard Huber
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 18

“Cloudy Day in East Atka” by Stefan Christmann
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 19

“Lapporten” by Klaus Bombach
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 20

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