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Breathtaking Nature Winning Photos From The 2023 Drone Photo Awards

1st Place: Austfonna Ice Cap by Thomas Vijayan
Nature Drone Photography Awards 01

See the stunning collection of 20 Drone Photo Awards winners, all of which fall under the fascinating category of “Nature Photography.” First-place winner Thomas Vijayan is praised for his captivating photo “Austfonna Ice Cap,” while Raj Mohan takes second place with his powerful shot “Boon to Bane! – The 300 acres of dumpyard.”

The Drone Awards honor excellence in aerial photography and videography and serve as a benchmark in the international arena. This competition is an exclusive initiative of Siena Awards and is considered the highest point in the field of aerial visual arts. It deliberately deviates from traditional photography categories to offer a unique and unmatched showcase of artistic expression.

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Runner Up: Boon to Bane! – The 300 acres of dumpyard by Raj Mohan
Nature Drone Photography Awards 02

Highly Commended: The lonely volcano by Daniel Viñé Garcia
Nature Drone Photography Awards 03

Highly Commended: Goodlife Palm Tree by Lucas Hammerer
Nature Drone Photography Awards 04

Highly Commended: Fragments Within by Omar Ghrayeb
Nature Drone Photography Awards 05

Commended: Colorful Iceland by Lauris Melkers
Nature Drone Photography Awards 06

Commended: Treecarnation by Daniel Franc
Nature Drone Photography Awards 07

Commended: Art Of CLAY LAYERS by Ammar Alsayed Ahmed
Nature Drone Photography Awards 08

Commended: Camel Path by Anas Aldheeb
Nature Drone Photography Awards 09

Commended: Lifeline by Armand Sarlangue
Nature Drone Photography Awards 10

Commended: Skýjasnúningur / Cloud Inversion by Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove
Nature Drone Photography Awards 11

Commended: Earth Eye by Miki Spitzer
Nature Drone Photography Awards 12

Commended: Smoking Popocatépetl volcano by Maria Paula Martinez Jauregui Lorda
Nature Drone Photography Awards 13

Commended: Austfonna Ice Cap fall by Thomas Vijayan
Nature Drone Photography Awards 14

Commended: Upside Down by Jonas Hoffmann
Nature Drone Photography Awards 15

Commended: Skull Smoking by Daniel Viñé Garcia
Nature Drone Photography Awards 16

Commended: Winter Swans by Terje Kolaas
Nature Drone Photography Awards 17

Commended: Splash ink mountains and rivers by Yuxuan Hou
Nature Drone Photography Awards 18

Commended: Hraunhjarta / Lava Heart by Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove
Nature Drone Photography Awards 19

Commended: Red Volcanoes by Alessio Marradi
Nature Drone Photography Awards 20

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