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Incredible Photos That Won In The Moon Category For The Year’s Best Astronomy Photographer

Winner: Mars-Set by Ethan Chappel
Moon Winners Astronomy Photographer 01

The moon has always been an enduring symbol of mystery and wonder, drawing people’s attention to the night sky. The moon, Earth’s celestial companion, frequently takes center stage in the annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, which features amazing photos of celestial phenomena.

Take a look at these captivating images of the moon from this esteemed competition each provide a different viewpoint on our nearest planetary neighbor. Even after more than four billion years of existence, the Moon continues to evoke curiosity and mystery. In the Our Moon category, the winning and shortlisted images present new angles on our very familiar neighbor.

The competition entry for 2024 is now open. On March 5, the entry window closes at 12 p.m. GMT.

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Runner-up: Sundown on the Terminator by Tom Williams
Moon Winners Astronomy Photographer 02

Highly commended: Last Full Moon of the Year Featuring a Colourful Corona During a Close Encounter With Mars by Miguel Claro
Moon Winners Astronomy Photographer 03

Shortlist: Aristarchus and the Schröter-Valley by Ralf Burkart
Moon Winners Astronomy Photographer 04

Shortlist: Crescent by András Papp
Moon Winners Astronomy Photographer 05

Shortlist: Sequence of Full Moon Over Rivington Pike by Lee Mansfield
Moon Winners Astronomy Photographer 06

Shortlist: A Rocky Rise by Carl Evans
Moon Winners Astronomy Photographer 07

Shortlist: Mare Crisium: From Light to Dark by Andrea Vanoni
Moon Winners Astronomy Photographer 08

Shortlist: Moonrise, Laruns by Jamie Clarkson
Moon Winners Astronomy Photographer 09

Shortlist: Hook Head Moonrise by Tom O’Hanlon
Moon Winners Astronomy Photographer 11

Shortlist: Crescent Moon in a Magical Sunset by Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau
Moon Winners Astronomy Photographer 12

Shortlist: ISS Lunar Transit by Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau
Moon Winners Astronomy Photographer 13

Shortlist: Ball of Rock by Rich Addis
Moon Winners Astronomy Photographer 14

Shortlist: Moon With Ancient Pagoda by Liang Chen
Moon Winners Astronomy Photographer 15

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