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From Game Of Thrones To Harry Potter: Film And TV Library Designs Give Fans Insight Into Iconic Scene

With recent Game of Thrones news suggesting that Samwell Tarly could be the TRUE heir to the Iron Throne, it’s a perfect opportunity to explore where he educated himself: the Citadel. Continue reading »

Meet Watson, Kiko, And Harry, Three Best Friends Taking Over Instagram With Their Adorable Pics

What if I told you that this post is about three best friends, but not ordinary ones? Meet Watson and Kiko – two golden retriever boys, and Harry – one adorably silly cat who can’t imagine his life without his best dog buddies. Continue reading »

Artist Recreates Harry Potter’s Universe As Famous Brand Logotypes

PotterBrands: Harry Potter’s universe brands is a project created by Alejo Malia in which, the most famous brand designs such as McDonalds, Instagram, Calzedonia, Burger King, etc; they are influenced by the universe of Harry Potter, and some of the famous characters of the magic saga. You can find the complete collection on my Behance, in which it’s patterned and with a very careful stretching. Continue reading »

Scary Potter – Terrifying Alternative Posters For The Harry Potter Movies

Here are some terrifying alternative posters for the Harry Potter saga, created by illustrator Dylan Pierpont! With this series entitled Scary Potter, the artist pays tribute to this cult universe, focusing on the dark and horrifying side of the saga. Continue reading »

When Pin-Ups Meet Harry Potter Cosplay

Ginny Di/Josh Randall

In this creative photoshoot, Ginny Di pays tribute to Gil Elvgren’s iconic pin-up art and Harry Potter in one fell swoop. Shot with the same pose and backdrop as iconic pin-up pieces, these mashups are perfectly spell-binding. Ginny Di is a well-known cosplayer who runs a Facebook page full of her awesome creations. She makes costumes for everything from Disney to Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. Continue reading »

Harry Potter House Comforters


Wow! These officially-licensed Warner Brothers’ Harry Potter House Comforters are a must have for any Potterhead’s bedroom! Are you Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? Continue reading »

J.K Rowling Shares Unseen Personal Sketches Of Harry Potter


Harry Potter is now an iconic character thanks to J.K. Rowling’s books. Rowling recently shared some never before seen Harry Potter sketches with fans, and they show hand illustrated moments from the books done by Rowling herself. Continue reading »

This Harry Potter Themed Wedding Is Most Magical Thing Ever

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Rumor has it that there are more Harry Potter fans on earth than there are stars in our solar system. But few of them can claim to be bigger fans of the world famous heptalogy than newlyweds Cassie and Lewis Byrom. Continue reading »

Harry Potter Fans Created A Fitting Tribute To Alan Rickman On Platform 9 3/4


Alan Rickman’s untimely passing devastated his peers and fans alike, spurring an onslaught of social media tributes. Not to be outdone, Harry Potter fans found the perfect way to honor the memory of Rickman and Snape, turning Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross into a shrine to the late actor. Letters and flowers (especially lilies… sob) piled up by the wall that we wish we could run through to catch the Hogwarts express. Continue reading »

Forget Harry Potter And Platform 9¾ – This Train Station In Japan Only Has One Passenger


The Kami-Shirataki train station is located in Japan’s north island of Hokkaido, three years ago due to its remote location and ending of freight trains, the Japan Railway decided to close it down. Continue reading »

11 Awesome Harry Potter Quotes Paired With Gorgeous Illustrations

Calling all Harry Potter super fans! You’ll love these HP quote illustrations. Continue reading »

14 Epic Pieces Of Edible ‘Harry Potter’ Food Art Made By Fans

While J.K. Rowling will be getting a few birthday wishes from fans today, we’re willing to bet she’ll only get one life-size, edible bust of Harry Potter’s head. A group of food artists from around the world collaborated to create some seriously impressive Potter-themed food art in celebration of the author’s 50th birthday, ranging from large character sculptures to intricate recreations of key scenes from the books. The project has been in the planning for the last year, after two U.S. bakers came up with the idea and recruited other members from across the world.

Harry Potter Bust, by Lara Clarke. IMAGE: LARA CLARKE

British cake sculptor and owner of Tasty Cakes, Lara Clarke, took part in the project by baking a life-size, edible bust of Harry Potter. “I didn’t time myself,” she told Mashable when asked how long it took her. “I watched the first three Harry Potter films while I was making it – so it probably took around six hours in total.” Continue reading »

The Largest Collection of Harry Potter Memorabilia in the World

Menahem Asher Silva Vargas, a 37 year old lawyer, jokes around with a Harry Potter wand and glasses, during an interview at his home after receiving the Guinness World Record title for the largest collection of Harry Potter memorabilia, in Mexico City, Monday, September 29, 2014. Silva’s 14 year old collection consists of more than 3000 individual items, including figurines, trading cards, wands, clothing, and accessories. (Photo by Rebecca Blackwell/AP Photo)
Continue reading »

Couple Holds Harry Potter-themed Wedding in Los Angeles

The perfect white wedding is a dream for millions of women but for Meredith Fahey having her vows read by Severus Snape from Harry Potter was a must.

Meredith, 30 and husband Josh, 29, wanted their magical day to be based on her literary hero Harry Potter at a spellbinding ceremony in their native Los Angeles. The couple and around 100 guests descended on Lawrys Prime Rib in Beverley Hills to find the interior had been transformed into Hogwarts, the young wizards’ school.

In an undated photo, 30-year-old Meredith Fahey (L) and her 29-year-old husband Joshua Votaw hold magic wands in their Harry Potter-themed wedding in Los Angeles. The bride and groom are big fans of Harry Potter series films, so they held a magical wedding to show their love for the films.
Continue reading »

Hamburger Harry

Harry Sperl from Daytona Beach, Florida, has collected thousands of items, including this bed, to create a museum dedicated to hamburgers. The enthusiast’s collection has transformed his Daytona Beach home in Florida into a shrine which is dubbed Burgerbilla.

The 57-year-old has a custom-made bed in the form of the world’s largest cheeseburger, complete with a sesame seed cover and matching pillows. Mr Sperl’s collection includes a burger mobile phone, hamburger money banks, biscuit jars, clocks, hats, trays, erasers, badges, magnets, music boxes and salt and pepper shakers.

He said: ‘They taste good, they look good and the hamburger is an icon of the United States of America.’ Continue reading »

Personal Handmade Animal Cushion Harry by Barbora Perglova

Be unique! Liven up your home and invite new members of your family! Or gift them to your beloved ones. Harry, Larry, Marry – three merry companions are waiting for you. Every piece is unique. Pillows are sewed for you by hand and with love.

Original awesome pillow Larry in unique bunny design by frappante is not just a decoration, he is your pillow friend! Larry is personal, friendly and soft cushion, you will want to have him always with you! You can hold him, hug him, sleep with him, snuggle with him and he’s always there for you! Continue reading »

Harry Potter Author J. K. Rowling Releases First Book for Adults

A woman at Foyles bookshop looks at a copy of J. K. Rowling’s latest novel “The Casual Vacancy” which has gone on sale today starting at 8:00 am on September 27, 2012 in London, England. “The Casual Vacancy” is J. K. Rowling’s first book aimed at an adult readership and is centered on a parish council election in a small West Country town. (Photo by Oli Scarff) Continue reading »

Harry Potter: The Exhibition

British twins James and Oliver Phelps, who star as Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter film series, play with broomsticks in Hagrid’s hut during the opening of Harry Potter: The Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. (AFP) Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: English Farmer Carves Enormous Harry Potter Corn Maze

Top Pearsy’s Harry potter corn maze, which he calls “Maize Maze,” in York, England, on July 11. (Bethany Clarke / Getty Images) Zoom.