This Harry Potter Themed Wedding Is Most Magical Thing Ever

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Rumor has it that there are more Harry Potter fans on earth than there are stars in our solar system. But few of them can claim to be bigger fans of the world famous heptalogy than newlyweds Cassie and Lewis Byrom.

h/t: boredpanda, buzzfeed. Photos © by Kelly Clarke.

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

To celebrate their mutual adoration for J.K. Rowling’s most famous series, the Potterheads decided to throw a Harry Potter-themed wedding unlike any you’ve ever seen before.

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

The wedding took more than a year to plan and the couple used Ebay and charity shops to ensure that every single detail was faithful to the books. Each of the 130 guests received a wand upon arrival and the bridesmaids carried paper bouquets made from 20 cut-up novels.

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

The rings were presented on a copy of the Half Blood Prince and were both inscribed ‘Always’ in homage to Severus Snape. They even had their faces printed on wanted posters from the Ministry of Magic! Sorry Potter fans, but this one’s going to take some beating!

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Photo © by Kelly Clarke / SWNS

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